January 24, 2022

Netflix: after Mother / Android, 3 films and series of killer robots to discover on the platform

After discovering “Mother / Android”, available on Netflix since January 7 and in which Chloë Grace Moretz faces a revolt of androids, here are other killer robots to discover on the platform.

Sony Pictures Releasing France

Blade Runner 2049

35 years after the Ridley Scott monument – absolute reference for fans of science fiction, specialty robots – the visionary filmmaker Denis Villeneuve takes up this massive torch, and offers Blade Runner a sequel eagerly awaited by some, feared by others.

We follow the adventures of Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a Blade Runner tasked with tracking down and eliminating faulty and dangerous replicants for humans. At the end of this tortuous investigation, in a hypnotizing cyberpunk universe with sumptuous aesthetics, this solitary hero with a mysterious past crosses the path of the legendary Rick Deckard, alias Harrison Ford, protagonist of the original film.

Cradled by the bewitching score of Hans Zimmer, this dizzying dive into the world of Philip K. Dick has something to reassure fans of the first hour, and embark neophytes.

Ex Machina

DNA Movies

Considered one of the 15 best science fiction films of the decade 2010-2019 by AlloCiné viewers, this little-known nugget, the first feature film by filmmaker Alex Garland (screenwriter of Sunshine and 28 days later), fascinated many spectators when it was released in 2015.

Worn by a trio of four-star actors – Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac – Ex Machina takes us in the footsteps of young Caleb, a brilliant coder invited to stay for a week with his mysterious boss, a lonely mad scientist and eccentric, with very nebulous intentions.

Trained in spite of himself in a most bizarre scientific experiment, Caleb will have to interact with the beautiful Ava: a machine equipped with a whole new form of artificial intelligence. Then begins for him a stay confusing, hypnotizing, fascinating, and sometimes terrifying.

Love, Death & Robots


Originally envisioned as an anthology film, in which David Fincher, Gore Verbinski, Tim Miller and Zack Snyder would each have directed a segment, Love, Death & Robot eventually became an animated series under the auspices of Netflix.

On the menu ? Susceptible yogurt, lycanthropic soldiers, rampaging robots, trash monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, alien spiders and bloodthirsty hell demons: all these beautiful people come together in 18 inadvisable animated shorts to sensitive souls in the first season.

Sometimes dark, sometimes colorful, the series draws on pop culture (manga, TV series, films) to distill a few winks and other references ranging from Blade Runner to Alien via Black Mirror. The result is really excellent, and a hit on the platform.