July 1, 2022

Netflix: 3 series and films to discover this weekend

Need to get away from it all this weekend? To laugh, to cry or to live a moment under high tension? For all these emotions, we turn on Netflix and we browse the catalog of the platform of streaming (SVoD).

On the program not one, but two series, accompanied by a film. This weekend, we have a good laugh with the series Modern Family, we become a hacker with Mr Robot and we go to the moon with the film First Man.

Which series and movie to savor this weekend on Netflix?

A family and hilarious series: Modern Family

The story in brief

In the Pritchett family, the father has just remarried a hot-blooded Colombian woman who is half his age, the daughter has a tough fight between her three children and her adulescent husband, and the son has just adopted with her husband .

What to remember

Within Modern Family, we find a little everything we like elsewhere. Of The Office for the documentary aspect, to Malcolm for the character of certain characters, passing by many similarities with the French series Do not do this, do not do that (so much so that we often speak of a disguised adaptation).

And if the series brilliantly summons its elders, we nonetheless appreciate its own personality. Starting with these three families that we quickly end up adoring, each spectator having his little darling (Claire and Phil for us). The children grow up, the parents mature and we embark on 11 seasons and 250 episodes of laughter, always, and real moments of emotion, often.

Although the show sometimes seems to no longer know which direction to take, or how to conclude its narrative arcs (the last season thus multiplies the somewhat chaotic changes), it exudes such a sincere love for these protagonists that we have to. hard to leave them despite their flaws.

Modern Family is a series as funny as it is endearing, and we tell ourselves that the 250 existing episodes are ultimately very few, and that we would like a little more.

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The series that hacks your mind: Mr Robot

The story in brief

Elliott is a programmer who works in a cybersecurity company, suffering from behavioral disorders making him asocial. One day, a man called Mr. Robot approaches him to help bring down an overpowered company.

What to remember

Mr Robot is one of the most successful series of recent years, and with good reason. Conspiracy, paranoia, personality disorder, government, shadow army … the show summons all the codes of the psychological thriller, and develops it brilliantly in the IT world.

Signed (masterfully) by the showrunner Sam Esmail, the series is exemplary in the art of cultivating the false trail and turning our brains around. It offers neat twists that change our view of events and characters with each episode.

And if Mr Robot is experiencing a few drops in speed, especially during its season 3, the evolution of its plot, its issues and its characters offers us four seasons which energizes and dust off the genre of the thriller and psychological series.

Finally, the provision of Rami Malek in the skin of the main character Elliot is constantly mind-blowing. This role has allowed him to shine in many films in Hollywood, where he won the Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in the film. Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018. A deserved success for a quality actor, to be rediscovered in the series Mr Robot.

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The film to discover the man behind the story: First Man

The story in brief

Neil Armstrong is about to leave for a trip to the moon. But before that, he’s going to have to undergo intensive training and try to overcome his personal problems, before they catch up with him.

What to remember

Damien Chazelle abandon the choreographies of La La Land, and embark Ryan Gosling with him to sign a moment of history or almost. Because we must not count on First Man to accurately portray all this crazy space epic. No, the director is interested in Neil Armstrong, the man, above all.

This story is therefore not that of a team, but of a man. And from the introduction, Chazelle places us at his side, in immersion, while he loses control of his device. This is also the strength of the film: managing to stage the flaws of the pilot, the astronaut, the husband, without the need for words.

Because this adventure speaks to us of space, but above all of mourning and how far we are ready to go to overcome personal tragedies. Metaphorically and physically. From this perspective, Ryan Gosling has never been so good in the use of his silences and his eternal melancholy gaze. The rest is history, as they say.

A great intimate adventure film, which has a truly unique identity, and which we warmly recommend.

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