January 29, 2022

Netflix: 3 movies and series for an action-packed weekend

Are you ready for a weekend full of sweetness, hugs and kisses? Because we don’t.

We prefer to engage in battle with fists, sword or gun with two films and a series available in the Netflix catalog. Let it be said, on the platform of streaming (SVoD), we also know how to distribute slaps.

No rest for the brave since we will fight against the English for American Independence in The Patriot, the path to freedom, we go into the jungle to confront the owner of a cruel gold mine in Welcome to the jungle and we pierce the secret of the Sword of Power in Masters of the Universe: revelation.

Which movies and action series are sure to keep you satisfied this weekend on Netflix?

A movie where Mel Gibson goes to war: The Patriot, the road to freedom


In 1776 in South Carolina, the conflict between the English and the Independents becomes violent. Benjamin Martin, a former war hero now widowed, prefers to stay away from the battlefield and take care of his seven children alone. When his eldest takes up arms and Colonel Tavington’s forces draw closer, Benjamin will have to accept the price of freedom …

Why you have to take a look

As much to say it right away, we do not launch The Patriot, the path to freedom for its historical reality. Because at the helm we find Roland Emmerich, the director ofIndependence Day. And like this last film, we prefer it when it all fires all over the place. Result, it is in the battle scenes that the feature film finds its real breath, with a lot of stylistic effects.

Despite this, the film is quite rich in developing interesting characters through the strong themes of love, duty, but also the price of violence, sometimes extreme. The director can count on Mel Gibson to embody a human hero, with his flaws, his doubts, his brutality … The actor thus travels the battlefield with the intensity that we know him, recalling at times his interpretation of Braveheart.

The rest of the cast is made up of “faces” from the cinema that we appreciate, like the late one Heath Ledger, Jason Isaacs or even French Tchéky Karyo. A solid distribution that helps give The Patriot a human and credible face on the battlefield, with all that that implies in serious moments …

If it does not shine with its finesse, The Patriot, the path to freedom is a film that spares neither the epic sequences, nor the heightened emotion. In short, which completely responds to our very regressive desire for a big show. A perfect program for the weekend, then.

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A film that shows the beginnings of The Rock: Welcome to the Jungle


In order to settle a debt, Beck leaves for the Amazon jungle in search of Travis, the son of a wealthy landowner who has gone on a treasure hunt. But there, the two men will have to join forces against the vile manager of a gold mine.

Why you have to take a look

Long before Dwayne Johnson become the king of Hollywood, the one who was still called by his wrestler name, The Rock, was trying to build a reputation as a man of action in Welcome to the jungle.

After the popular The Scorpion King, the film of Peter Berg (Deepwater) therefore allows the actor to continue to make his mark, but always showing his muscles. As a worthy heir toArnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson signs with this film an iconic handover between the Austrian bodybuilder and him.

Beyond the symbolic, Welcome to the jungle also applies to his duet with Old William Scott (American Pie) in the pure tradition of buddy movies, bringing lightness and humor … before exploding everything that moves.

Welcome to the jungle is neither subtle nor really original, but it is still a very effective entertainment, and that is all that is asked of it.

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A series that reinvents a license: Masters of the Universe: Revelation


The clash between Musclor and his deadly foe Skeletor takes an unexpected turn on Eternia. In order to save the kingdom, Teela must try to unravel the mystery of the Sword of Power before it’s too late …

Why you have to take a look

If the project of a new film is still in the pipeline in Hollywood, it is on Netflix that the cult license of a whole generation is reborn with panache. Under the direction of Kevin Smith, the most geek of directors (Clerks, Jay and Bob), Masters of the Universe: Revelation suggests that we extend the mythology of Musclor and his friends.

An ambitious animated series whose first part will have paid a fine tribute while prolonging the pleasure by taking often unexpected directions. Without any cynicism, the showrunner has thus applied to respect the basic material, offering convincing dialogues in a world where, however, everything lends itself to ridicule.

Especially in the scenario, Kevin Smith imposes his paw by exploiting more the characters a priori secondary while not boring the viewer for a second. We will also appreciate the true quality of the animation, whether in the design of the muscular heroes, or in the sequences of dynamic and fluid confrontations.

Both visually and narratively, Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a modern extension of the world of the famous license, and it will delight everyone, young and old, whether fans or not.

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