May 22, 2022

Netflix: 3 films and series that will shake up your weekend

Time passes and passes and little has changed; it’s always so difficult to choose from the plethora of content offered by the Netflix catalog. Don’t worry, the CNET editorial operated its (patented) sorting machine for you select the films and series of the weekend on the platform of streaming (SVOD) !

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This weekend, get ready to exterminate monsters with a single punch in One-Punch Man ; to laugh with the family in front of The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales ; and go hunting for Replicants again in Blade Runner 2049.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix this weekend?

An anime that upsets the codes: One-Punch Man


In a society where superheroes fight monsters every day, Saitama trained daily for three years, until losing his hair, to become a hero. Except that he is now too strong and a single punch is enough to destroy his opponents. So now he’s bored.

The opinion of CNET France

Usually, the hero in drool against a villain, overcomes his limits to defeat him, then gains power as the trials progress. Usually. Corn One-Punch Man doesn’t want to do like everyone else and that’s why we love him. Here, the hero is already the strongest. And that’s the whole point of this anime from the eponymous manga, because the important thing, at least in this first season, is not so much the fight as the comic discrepancy it creates.

With humor and derision, we are thus presented with ever more monstrous adversaries, in appearance and in power, facing Saitama whose appearance is of an exemplary, even ridiculous banality, who despairs of having a challenge worthy of him.

The anime will thus play on our expectations by constantly feigning serious threat while its hero is literally invincible. This does not prevent the animation from taking care of its action, which is always explosive, especially when other heroes get involved.

Far from the archetype, the “One-Punch Man” is thus an everyday man with whom one could almost identify. Almost. Let it be said, here, nonchalance is a super power.

  • A punchy trailer:

A nice film for young and old: The Big Bad Fox and other tales


In the countryside one encounters strange phenomena. A fox who plays the hen, a rabbit forced to play the stork and a duck who wants to replace Santa Claus. In short, it’s a mess.

The opinion of CNET France

On lance The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales hoping that the film will appeal to children, we finish it completely forgetting that we have kids. With tenderness, humor and originality, Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert amaze us throughout.

The dad ofErnest and Celestine demonstrates once again what a magnificent storyteller he is, from the introduction in the form of a play to the drawing of the curtains. The animation in the form of watercolor drawings offers a form of softness, lightness that takes us through these three different tales.

But the feature film especially tells a lot by addressing these three stories, especially about the family, regardless of whether it is composed, recomposed or adopted. Without moralization, The big bad fox speaks as much to adults as to the youngest and never forgets to make us laugh – thanks in particular to an exceptional dubbing.

A funny, poetic, enchanting, marvelous film… We only have one thing to say: “Hello ma’am !“.

  • A very cute trailer:

The successful sequel to a cult film: Blade Runner 2049


In the year 2049, Officer K hunts down bioengineered slaves who have decided to no longer obey humans. But when he uncovers a dark secret, he too is hunted. His only hope may be Rick Deckard, a former Blade Runner who has been missing for several years.

The opinion of CNET France

How to pass after the masterpiece of Ridley Scott ? On paper, Blade Runner 2049 has everything of the suicide mission, especially since the original did not call for any sequel. MEA culpa, we had forgotten the five names in charge of the project: Ridley Scott himself supervising the project, the return of the original screenwriter Hampton Fancher and Denis Villeneuve on camera, Roger Deakins to the picture and Hans Zimmer to the music.

A collaboration that gives birth to a sequel that is both very respectful of its model while further exploring its mythology. The film even copies its pace from its elder with its slow exposition and narrative construction that leaves more questions than it answers. This is perhaps what can stop more than one: if you did not like the first Blade Runner, there is no point in embarking on this second episode as it shows exemplary loyalty.

And if Blade Runner 2049 impresses, it is not more on a scenario which wants to be voluntarily foggy and frustrating, especially concerning certain characters, than by its visual beauty. Between the photo of Deakins and the staging of Villeneuve, the feature film is a slap in every shot. Difficult to blink without fear of losing a crumb.

Risky bet, but successful, with 2049 Blade Runner is now conjugated in the plural.

  • A trailer between nostalgia and modernity: