July 1, 2022

Netflix: 2 great movies and series to absolutely watch tonight

Why not start the week in the best possible way, with a good series or a good movie available on Netflix? The SVoD streaming platform offers a multitude of excellent programs, but it is never easy to find the right one. The editorial staff of CNET France is therefore there to help you choose, and recommends two quality programs to discover, or to review.

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For tonight, CNET France therefore recommends the film Room, and the series After Life.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix tonight?

A moving film adapted from a true story: Room


Jack, 5, lives alone with his mother, Ma. She teaches him to play, to laugh and to understand the world around him. A world that begins and ends at the walls of their bedroom, where they are held prisoner, the only place Jack has ever known. Ma’s love for Jack drives her to risk everything to give her son a chance to escape and experience the outdoors, an adventure he was unprepared for.

The opinion of CNET France

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Emma Donoghue, itself based on the true story of the Fritzl Affair, and of this father who had kidnapped his daughter for years, Room is a film as staggering by the horror of what it tells, as it is fascinating by the beauty and the disarming poetry that it manages to invoke despite its subject.

Director Lenny Abrahamson’s vision (Frank, series Normal People) gives this terrifying news item the appearance of a story of tenderness and love between a mother and her child. Room is first of all about this intimate huis-clos, this touching and childish world in the world, this “room” in which a multitude of small gestures and unspoken things are woven which leave the spectator in a comforting unknown, like the young Jack.

The film then changes scale and scope, moving from this intimate drama to the genre of the detective, brilliantly unraveling everything it had put in place from the start. From the place of the child, the spectator takes that of his mother, for a poignant and hard-hitting second act. If the young Jacob Tremblay is an obvious revelation in the role of Jack, Brie Larson is overwhelming. The rest of the cast, which includes the excellent Joan Allen and William H. Macy, is in tune.

Room is a drama with an unpublished and captivating story, which will know how to pick you up with its accuracy and its astonishing poetry and its unique personality. A must in recent years, and a little gem to see or see again without hesitation.

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A comic and touching series: After Life


Tony had a perfect life, but when his wife Lisa suddenly dies, Tony changes. After contemplating suicide, he instead decides to live long enough to punish the world…

The opinion of CNET France

Creation of Ricky Gervais, humorist and brilliant creator behind the series The Office, Extras and Derek, After Life is a comical and acid little gem, but also tender and melancholic. To discover absolutely, while the third and final season has just been released.

If the unhappy basic postulate can put off at first glance, After Life reveals itself as the episodes go by as a series more comforting and deep than it looks. The program reveals a touching bittersweet tone, mixed with caustic moments of humor, and characteristic of the style of Ricky Gervais.

The series deals with questions of mourning, depression, life in society, and the meaning of life with astonishing finesse and gentleness. We find the acuity and intelligence of writing of Ricky Gervais who knows, as in his previous productions, to be an excellent painter of humanity.

The British director-screenwriter-actor wonderfully embodies this hurt and resentful man towards life, and takes the opportunity to strike some truths about the world, society and people, for our greatest pleasure. And in three seasons and 18 episodes, After Life ultimately reveals a much warmer, optimistic and humanistic heart than its synopsis might suggest.

A series will undoubtedly delight you with its caustic humor, its unique tone, and the touching look of Ricky Gervais on the beauty of ordinary life.

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