January 24, 2022

Netflix: 12 new films available on the platform!

Just before Christmas, Netflix added twelve well-known films to its lineup.

Here is the list of these titles, now available on the platform:


Innocent Tessa Young is clear about what she wants in life. But everything changes when the unpredictable Hardin Scott gets in his way.


A beautiful nobleman who has been married to a wealthy older man quickly falls in love with her new husband. But then she must face the traitors who plot against him.


Constantine is a horror film based on the Hellblazer comic book, in which a private investigator with a penchant for the supernatural investigates a case of apparent suicide.

Waiting for the barbarians

The keeper of an isolated fortress questions his loyalty to the Empire when an intransigent colonel arrives and begins to tyrannize over the nomads who live along the border.

Den of Thieves

A gang of seasoned robbers are preparing to attack a supposedly impregnable branch of the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles. But an elite police unit is about to stand in their way.

Greenland: the last refuge

The remains of a comet are heading towards planet Earth, which could largely destroy it. Confusion and panic reign as a family struggles to find safety.

Edge of Tomorrow

Bill Cage is stuck in a time loop, reliving the day he died in battle over and over again. So he must find a way to survive and defeat the aliens in space.

I promise you – The Vow

A newlywed wakes up after a car accident with memory loss. Her husband must help her recover and win back her heart.

The Pôle Express

A little boy takes a magical train to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, where he discovers the wonders of friendship and the Christmas spirit.

The secret we keep

A woman traumatized by the horrors of the Holocaust tries extreme methods to extract a confession from a man she believes to be a concentration camp guard.



Santa Claus is in bad shape and has to make spare parts for the army. A 12-year-old avenging villain orders the establishment of a hitman.


Queen Helena flees Sparta in search of her love, the Prince of Troy. But the vengeful Greeks gather a huge army and embark on a siege that will last ten years.