May 22, 2022

My Hero Academia : World Heroes’ mission

Public hero number 1

Like the two previous feature films, World Heroes’ Mission takes us away from UA High School, mostly to Otheon, a fictional nation located in Europe. The heroes’ objective is to attack the hundreds of hideouts of an anti-quirk sect, all over the world. Many Japanese superhero agencies send their staff to major capitals (including Paris, wouhou, Eiffel Tower, baguette) to work with local heroes.

Endeavor’s agency, which includes Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki, is therefore sent to Otheon to apprehend the members of Humarise, the sect responsible for the terrible attack that starts the film. And this attack, we can at least grant it to be shocking from the outset, thousands of innocent people perish under the influence of a poison that makes Quirks out of control. Even the heroes present on the spot can’t do anything about it and we quickly understand that if overpowered characters like Endeavor or Ryukyu were exposed to it, the number of victims would be colossal.

Otheon is a normal small European country, big cities, metro lines, complicated suburbs, corrupt police, etc. Besides, after all the issues are exposed, this Corrupt police begin, without warning, to go after Izuku while the latter seeks to apprehend a suspicious individual. Considered public enemy number 1 and pursued by Humarise (which includes the chief of police, as we suspected), the protagonist is on the run for the rest of the film.

Too famous

Although predictable, the film’s script manages to keep us entertained from start to finish, the chemistry between Izuku and his new love interest Rody is a big help. Obviously, the dramatic tensions and endangerment of the characters do not have the same impact as in the manga or the series, simply because we know we’re watching a 105-minute filler episode, but we still want to see the heroes surpass themselves and triumph, because that’s what they do best.

Let’s take as an example what takes place in parallel with the final (triple) fight. Time bombs are placed in several large cities and their explosions would spread the famous gas that we see at the beginning of the film and which would therefore cause a catastrophe on a world scale, especially since many powerful heroes are nearby. We suspect that the drama will not take place, but to see superheroes and their followers give their all and show that they are ready to sacrifice themselves to save populations is admirable. And it makes you want to encourage Deku and Rody to stop the bombs.

My Hero Academia : World Heroes' mission : photoYes, the Egyptian superhero is totally 2D

Quirk Doomsday Theory

On the villain side, we are hardly at the level of the League of Villains or the Eight Precepts of Death, but we still find a mixture of the two. The leader of Humarise is called Flect Turn and he adheres to the theory of the singularity of the alters, that is, he believes that the Quirks will become increasingly powerful and out of control, which will bring about the downfall of humanity. Flect Turn therefore wants to purify society by depriving it of alters, a bit like Overhaul, the main antagonist of season 4, wanted. And to tell you the truth, he reminds us a lot of Amon, the first antagonist of The Legend of Korra (less cool).

And this Flect Turn is really very very mean because he doesn’t hesitate to kill innocent people to achieve his ends, but if he’s like that it’s because he was abandoned by his parents. Very sad. In short, his quirk consists of returning (or storing) all the blows he receives. Exactly the kind of opponent Deku, who has a Reinforcement Quirk, struggles to defeat. We could cite quite a few other universes in which we have already seen this kind of power, such as Fairy Tail Where X-Men, but no need to look that far when you have the Brainless and Fat Gum in the same universe.

Flect TurnThe good thing is that he has the voice of Roronoa Zoro

The rather nice new character proposed by the film is Rody Soul, a young orphan othéonien othéonite d’Otheon who has a little brother and a little sister in her care. Rody seems to be inspired by the Disney universe with his Aladdin or Flynn Rider side, but having a family to protect gives him depth and motivation to act heroically. In addition, his alter is quite amusing, it is just the materialization of a small pink bird which acts according to the buried feelings of the character. Soul (the little bird) is useless in combat, but it makes for some interesting scenes, especially when it does the opposite of what Rody does.

Izuku Midoriya is a Japanese boy who has always had a roof over his head, friends, and a dream he can pursue. Rody’s life was slightly more complicated, his mother died prematurely and his father supposedly Humarise, which forced his three children to leave their house to live in a mobile home. And to top it off, they got kicked out of school. All that to say that Rody and Izuku didn’t grow up in the same world, it creates a real opposition between the two, but that doesn’t prevent them from having values ​​and a conception of justice that bring them closer together. It’s also this kind of thing that we like in the universe of Kohei Horikoshi.

My Hero Academia : World Heroes' mission : photoA bromance that starts strong

United Smash Organization

With World Heroes’s Mission, the Bones studio did a good job. We would like to tell you that this is what they usually do, but season 5 of the series prevents us from doing so. But that’s not the point, let’s talk about the film. The grand finale is this time more generous than the previous films. Izuku, Bakugo, and Todoroki each have a fight that gives them a hard time. One could complain about the somewhat too “airy” aspects of the climaxes of Two Heroes and Heroes Rising; here, there is something for everyone.

The aerial combat is reserved for Kacchan who flies around trying to overcome the bizarre twins, Midoriya faces Flect Turn at ground level and Shoto finds himself on land, underwater and in the air to fight an abomination which boosted his Quirk nicely. The realization supports the fact that the three high school students are helpless against their opponents, but… you know what they say, PLUS ULTRA.

My Hero Academia : World Heroes' mission : photoSummary of the manga

It is precisely this cry of encouragement, “Plus Ultra”, which turns the situation in favor of Izuku against the antagonist. It’s almost like feeling the power of the punches the characters put on each other. (we dare not imagine how it would be in 4DX). Obviously, we suspected that the One For All was going to surpass the Quirk of an anecdotal villain, but it is always a great pleasure to see the protagonist go beyond the limits. After all, that’s why we appreciate My Hero Academia, non ?

Apart from the fights, the film has good gags which become more and more rare as the plot progresses (logical). The animation is amazing, especially at the end., the pretty sets benefit from shimmering colors and it is by seeing this film that we understand where the budget for season 5 had gone (we promise we’ll stop). And finally, the soundtrack offers interesting themes, we of course have a revisit of the main theme, as in each film taken from an animated series, but also choirs (which is rather rare in MHA) or small tributes to Nujabes, the late composer of Samurai Champloo, especially.

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