January 29, 2022

movies and series to watch in December 2021

Netflix promises you a warm end to the year with films and series not to be missed.

Netflix will not fail to offer you the best movies and TV series for the last month of 2021. Here are some new features that you absolutely must see on the streaming site:

Movies scheduled for December 2021 on Netflix

AQUAMAN (December 19)

The Aquaman saga continues with the episode where Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, declines power over Atlantis. Indeed, the decision of Orm, his half-brother, who is the very king of Atlantis to declare war on the human species does not enchant Arthur.

Dont ‘Look Up: Cosmic Denial (December 24)

Netlfix spoils you for this Christmas with this feature film which illustrates the story of a comet which is about to destroy the earth. Funny turn for the two scientists who want to warn the world of the looming threat.

Netflix series to watch in December 2021

La Casa de Papel, part 5 and end (December 3)

El Profesor and his followers attack the Bank of Spain in Madrid. Tokyo sacrificed his life to allow his people to destroy the police. This will be the end of the cult series La Casa de Papel.


The Witcher, season 2 (December 17)

After having fought monsters of all kinds, here is Geralt of Rivia again facing other evil creatures. The battles may then be even more fierce.

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What to see also on Netflix?

First, we find Prestige by Christopher Nolan recounting the rivalry of two magicians of the 19e century. The film will take off in mid-December.

Then fans of the animated series will be in for a treat after years of waiting. Part 2 of Shaman King will air on Netflix on December 15th. Notice to all anime fans.

Finally, Netflix reveals Stories of Generation with Pope Francis, a documentary film that will be released on Christmas Day.