May 25, 2022

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The happy owners of a Netflix subscription have at their disposal a French catalog which is enriched more and more. With the expansion of the number of SVOD platforms, the American giant must diversify and offer more and more interesting content. As every week, a small presentation of the weekend series and films on Netflix is ​​essential. This is how each month, additions are made and allow a diversity of programs. So fans of genre films are delighted, because on Netflix there are many sagas which are part of the history of cinema. The choice of the week is on several works which are likely to keep in suspense throughout the weekend the adventurers embarking on the adventure. Combat, apocalyptic and animation are at the rendezvous for this weekly selection.

The Matrix trilogy in the spotlight this week on Netflix

Since the release of the trailer for Matrix : Resurrections, fans of the saga are in turmoil. Nobody really knows what this new film will be about, 22 years after the release of the first opus. However, it is always a pleasure to see Keanu Reeves as Neo again. For people who wish to immerse themselves or to relive in this universe, a small presentation is essential. Films that mix a lot of genres like action and horror like many sagas available on Netflix.

The story centers around Thomas Anderson, aka Neo, played by Keanu Reeves who also played John Wick and Jonathan Harker in Dracula. Without going into too much detail, Neo will have to assert himself and face a system in place that tries to keep him under control, and from which it will gradually escape. On the way, he meets Trinity, a famous hacker and Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne. Netflix has really acquired a very famous license there!

Matrix was very popular on its release, mixing martial arts choreography, philosophy and computer science as well as multiple cultural references. The woven metaphor on the theme of Alice in Wonderland is one of them. In addition, his innovative and spectacular approach to special effects and bullet time was a real masterstroke.

Its suites, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, met with a little less rave reviews, but still constitute an essential part of action and science fiction cinema. We follow the continuation of the fight of Neo and his allies. Their journey takes them from revelations to revelations that even redefine the essence of the universe in place. The combat choreographies are just as intense. It is for sure a saga to discover and dissect that Netflix offers.

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A more down to earth saga, but just as appreciable: the fights of Ip Man, the master of Bruce Lee

Another saga which sees its hero distributing the good as the bad points with blows of Chinese martial art: Bruce Lee’s master, Ip Man. Available on Netflix, the first three films of the saga are not only spectacular; indeed, they have a very interesting historical backdrop. The story takes root in China, under Japanese rule during World War II. Master Ip is played by Donnie Yen, who fans got to admire in Star Wars: Rogue One.

Under occupation, Ip Man is dispossessed of his home and forced to give up his martial art to work in the mines. Seeing the Japanese treat his town so harshly, Ip Man is on the front line to face the invader after a dramatic event. In these suites, notably in the 2, another Hong Kong cinema star shares the bill with Donnie Yen; it is about Sammo Hung, which one could see in particular in the series the cop of Shanghai on M6 in the years 2000.

The Ip Man series currently features 4 films, with the fourth definitively closing the story. At present, the first 3 films are available on Netflix. The fight between Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung is choreographed in a very spectacular way. The icing on the cake, the third opus puts in the spotlight Master Ip against the legend Mike Tyson. It’s really interesting to see the clash of the two fighting styles, with an anthology of famous actors and fighters. A very good reason to subscribe to Netflix, in particular via the offers of Free.

This saga offers a more down-to-earth bias, which offers realism and a fairly fluid way of filming the action. We really love Ip Man, who embodies a quiet strength. The humility of the powerful who tastes humiliation and who dispenses violence only in case of necessity or for educational purposes, as a good martial arts master. This is how we see our hero winning the respect of his peers who look down on him.

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TV Series Format Fans May Be Satisfied: Iron Fist and One Punch Man To Keep Up With Netflix

The Marvel saga has been a very long adventure in cinema, especially with the arc of the infinity stones. This is how we end up with a very rich universe, heroes of all kinds and from all backgrounds. Speaking of different backgrounds and heroes of all kinds, Japanese animation is second to none. Especially when it comes to transposing the power and impacts of attacks launched by combatants. To continue on the fight and action theme of the weekend, Netflix makes these two relatively short series available to its subscribers but no less qualitative than are Iron Fist and One Punch Man. It is possible to enjoy these series on Netflix on your box, in particular that of Bouygues Telecom.

Marvel’s Iron Fist comes into the picture

Iron Fist is a Marvel series, set in the known Avengers universe, in the timeline normal. It is therefore possible that during a film, we see the character of Iron Fist. The synopsis: Danny Rand, thought to be dead, resurfaces in New York after 15 years. Coming from a very wealthy family and owning a large business, he intends to take things in hand. Small anecdote, this is the last Marvel series released on the legal streaming platform Netflix. This, due to the release of Disney +.

To do this, he must face the corruption and criminal groups of the city, equipped with his ancestral technique learned from the monks of K’un Une: iron fist. This is how we see our hero facing all kinds of dangers in line with what we have already seen in series such as Luke Cage, Daredevil or Jessica Jones. These are therefore 2 seasons available to subscribers Netflix.

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The Crazy, Satirical Fighting Series: Season 1 of One Punch Man is available on Netflix

Japanese animation has enabled the dissemination of numerous works dealing with Dantesque clashes between heroes of virtue and evil enemies. The best known of them are still being published today, and certain narrative codes are still present. The weekend series takes the opposite of these codes by diverting the message and applying it to Japanese society. It is in this perspective that we discover Saitama, the hero of the series.

The principle is to present a hero, absolutely not charismatic and devoid of hair (a particularity of manga of this genre) who has gone from simple Salaryman to the most powerful being on the planet in just a few months. Another way of take the shot and deflect it. The hero is already at the height of his power and the world in which he lives. He is therefore disillusioned by the fact of having no challenge.

The fights are therefore ultra-spectacular because the enemies are very well staged, while Saitama watches them do and then punishes them with a deadly punch. It’s a good continuation of the original Dragon Ball spirit, which aims to parody character shots from adventurous tales. Sure, it is one of the best-made anime Netflix has available, and with only 12 20-minute episodes, it’s a great time to spend this weekend.

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