January 25, 2022

Mother / Android, Play at Home and all the movies coming to Netflix in January 2022

It’s him Streaming giant and as such, it has a reputation to uphold. His original productions are increasingly important and he is preparing for a key 2022 where the competition is not going ” To make easy “. The war between the platforms is taking shape and over time they are reinforced with new titles and alternatives to seduce a global audience.

!Netflix not afraid! January 2022 is an encouraging start for the brand, with many of its own productions, with the conviction that it is a leader in the sector and has the strength to hold the position. With this in mind, the movies coming to the platform are all the rage and there is enough variety for the whole family to enjoy the service.

+ Films arriving in January 2022

4 halves (1/5/2022)

A romantic comedy that challenges the concept of soul mates with side stories of four single friends forming different couples.

The desert (1/6/2022)

The quiet life of a family isolated from society is disrupted by a terrifying creature who will test the bonds between them.

Mother / Android (1/7/2022)

In a post-apocalyptic world rocked by violent android rebellion, a pregnant young woman and her boyfriend desperately seek safety.

Utopia (1/7/2022)

A tragic fire in a Lima nightclub kills more than 20. Julián, journalist, tries to go beyond the official story. Based on real events.

The Origin of the World (1/11/2022)

When his heart stops beating, Jean-Louis must face his Oedipal conflicts and ask his mother an unthinkable question … or he will die in three days.

The Knot Killer (1/12/2022)

A teenager leads a very peaceful life with his family. Until he began to suspect that someone very close to him could be a serial killer.

Shameless (1/13/2022)

Mystery writer Grace Miller is an expert in uncovering the motives of crime and must use everything she knows to solve her sister’s.

The actor (1/1/2022)

Gabriel is a comedian with little hair, little money and little faith. In the middle of a crossroads, she receives a curious offer from her best friend.

Royal Treatment (01/20/2022)

Izzy, a New York hairstylist, agrees to work on the wedding of a handsome prince. But the chemistry between them is undeniable. Will love or duty win?

Munich on the eve of a war (1/2/2022)

In 1938, a British official and a German diplomat met in Munich and tried to avoid war in Europe. From the book by Robert Harris.

Corpse (01/25/2022)

A former policeman finds a job in the morgue. But the night shift turns into a nightmare when the body of a possessed girl arrives.

Play at home (28/2022)

He was suspended from the NFL, but Sean Payton found redemption coaching his son’s soccer team in a small town in Texas. Based on a true story.

Dangerous goods (01/31/2022)

A gangster, a seductress, and a thief play a dangerous triad of deception when one heist goes awry and another ultimately decides their fate.

+ Children and family

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure (1/1/2022)

After a loss, Irishman Keegan and his Spanish friend Moya learn to deal with danger and grief with dance and a group of witty deer.

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