July 6, 2022

More movies to watch with the Barrio Film Festival in Mexico

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This festival will take place from November 21 to 28, which aims to promote and unite neighborhood cinematographic stories.

Neighborhood Film Festival, the story of the neighborhood has a lot to tell. (Photo: courtesy of FECIBA)Neighborhood Film Festival, the story of the neighborhood has a lot to tell. (Photo: courtesy of FECIBA)Elie Leonardo Salazar

The tragedy of metro line 12 put Tláhuac on the map of millions of Mexicans. Media coverage of this event discovered across the country this outskirts of Mexico City which has been punished with oblivion, contempt and prejudice by its own not perceiving it as an urbanized area, not to say gentrified. However, he has a lot to say. And for that he has recourse to cinema through the Neighborhood Film Festival (FECIBA).

Among the residents of Tláhuac City Hall, as well as other neighborhood communities in the city and the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, there are characters whose lives are so cinematic that they deserve to be told through shorts and feature films. The same goes for topics that connect trades, places and events that need to be preserved with the audiovisual story.

Thanks to the Somos Barrio competition category program, the festival will exhibit works on gender and femininity, transport and mobility, the environment, chambas and work, identity and territory, festivals and traditions. For blessings at home there will also be contentment with the children’s program and the collaboration of the Children’s Ophthalmic Film Festival.

But that’s not all. With the Tirando Barrio category, viewers will have the opportunity to see contemporary Mexican films that present something of the neighborhood as a universal concept. For example, Macario, a classic of our filmography.

To get an idea of ​​all that we can discover, a few titles discuss the sound world, the mysticism of Mixquic, the complexity of being a tianguista in a pandemic, the gradual collapse of the city, the adversity linked to the use of line 12, the three generations that bear the name of Venus , among many others. In total, 48 films will be offered to the public.

The Neighborhood Film Festival will be in a hybrid format. For those who want to enjoy it in person, the places that welcome it are: Dadá Espacio Cultural, Plaza Centenario Tlatenco, Unité de logement Ex Hacienda de Xoco, Cinémas Tláhuac, Foro Arteria, Phare Tláhuac, Underground Paradise, Bibliothèque Rosario Castellanos and Esplanade du Center Mixquic.

And so that there is no excuse in case of not being able to access some of these sites, the virtual functions will be on the television open in Canal 21, Canal 14 and Octava TV, as well as in the digital platform of The movie is Latino. Of November 21 to 28, neighborhoods tell their stories. Here all the programming.

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