January 24, 2022

Media timeline: cinema films will be visible much sooner on streaming platforms

Films released in theaters will be visible more quickly on Canal +, and also on streaming platforms. After intense heated negotiations, the big financier of French cinema and the industry have reached an agreement on the new media chronology supposed to come into force in 2022, report The echoes.

Credit: Pixabay.

Canal + will benefit from a screening window for a film 6 months after its theatrical release, while the current version, which dates back to December 2018, gives a delay of 8 months. Bonus: Canal + obtains a 9-month exclusivity on these films. In exchange for this, the audiovisual group has undertaken to pay 190 million euros per year for the financing of French and European cinema for three years (a period which can be tacitly renewed). So far, its contribution has amounted to 160 million.

If we add the payments for free Canal channels, this amounts to more than 200 million euros per year. All of this without any criteria for the group’s commercial performance. To weigh in the negotiations, the subsidiary of Vivendi had threatened to leave TNT to turn into a platform, or to cut itself in two with cinema on one side and sport on the other.

In the end, reason prevailed, for the great benefit of the French cultural exception and the spectators who will be able to enjoy films (much) earlier on their favorite platforms. Because streaming services will be able to include cinema films in their catalogs from 15 months after their theatrical release. The current window provides for a release after 17, 30 or even 36 months depending on their investment in creation.

In the absence of an agreement with Canal +, the industry wanted to spit out streaming services, which would then have benefited from a window to 12 months. In the end, it was not necessary to go that far. Better, this same sector should benefit from an additional fifty million euros.

There are still a lot of bolts to tighten, especially on the side of these famous platforms which have not given their agreement on this draft media chronology. The services which since July 1, put their hand in their pockets: they must devote at least 20% of the turnover achieved in France ” the financing of the production of European cinematographic and audiovisual works or of French original expression ».

Cinema financing: streaming services will pay up to

Cinema financing: streaming services will pay up to 25% of revenues made in France

This requires the signing of an agreement with the CSA, it seems that Apple TV + is still being pulled over.

Navigating through the current media timeline

After the release of a movie in the cinema, you have to wait:

  • 4 months to be able to buy it on a physical medium (DVD or Blu-ray) or in VOD (on iTunes for example);
  • 8 months for pay television having signed an agreement with cinema organizations (Canal +, OCS);
  • 17 months for other pay channels and “virtuous” platforms;
  • 22 months for free channels;
  • 36 months for subscription VOD platforms (such as Netflix);
  • 44 months for free on-demand services (YouTube).

In addition, there is a distinction for films with less than 100,000 admissions, for which the delays between each of the windows are shorter.