July 4, 2022

“Matrix Resurrections”, “Madeleine Collins”, “the Crusade” … Films to see (or not) this week

♥ Matrix Resurrections

Science fiction film by Lana Wachowski, with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss (2h28).

The first “Matrix” marked its time, a cyberpunk blockbuster which amalgamated a part of SF (from “1984” to “Terminator 2”) in an unprecedented form and anticipated our future as virtual beings in the face of conspiracy theories. This new opus is presented as its meta remake around a Neo (Keanu Reeves) caught up by the system, which fans remind of his legend and love. Exit the film noir undergrounds, make way for the open-air explosion of colors. In the meantime, the Wachowski brothers have become sisters. The sub-text queer and emancipatory was stronger in the original than in this vaguely postmodern, ugly and opportunistic porridge, signed by Lana alone. Resurrection? Burial, yes. Nicolas Schaller

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♥♥♥ Madeleine Collins

French drama by Antoine Barraud, with Virginie Efira, Bruno Salomone, Quim Gutiérrez (1h47).

On both sides of the Swiss border, Madeleine leads a double life. The proverb that “he who has two houses loses his reason” is true. Caught in a trap that she herself built, our heroine loses her footing. After two remarkable films, “Les Gouffres” and “Le Dos rouge”, Antoine Barraud pursues his refined art of strangeness and unease. Its staging never ceases to blur our certainties: frames and editing create a succession of illusions and pretenses. A mental nebula where Virginie Efira finds a role commensurate with her immense talent. As disturbing as it is subtle. Xavier Leherpeur


♥♥♥ Don’t Look Up. Cosmic denial

American Satire by Adam McKay, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett (2:25). On Netflix from December 24.

The scientists are clear: in six months and fourteen days, a comet will strike the Earth and take us all. The President of the United States (Meryl Streep) does not care, too busy with revelations about the past as an erotic actor of a candidate for the Supreme Court. The media are having fun, audience curve obliges. What to do ? The two whistleblowers (Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio) wonder. It’s a big farce, full of stars, in the spirit of “Doctor Struggle”, “Network” and “Idiocracy”, the models of Adam McKay (“Vice”). The satire of the White House, the info-spectacle and our submission to the Gafa is poignant, and the observation, overwhelming: replace the meteorite with global warming, we are right in it. So let’s have fun while we wait for the end! N. S.

♥♥ The Crusade

French comedy by Louis Garrel, with Joseph Engel, Louis Garrel, Laetitia Casta (1h07).

A couple of sore spots are overwhelmed: their 13-year-old son has resold their valuables on the web to finance, with his classmates, a project to save the planet. This short fable about youth in the face of the climate emergency is the latest scenario by Jean-Claude Carrière, who died last February. Has he finished it? We wonder in front of the crazy aspect of the film, full of charm when it portrays the kids as responsible mini-adults (formidable Joseph Engel) on a Spielbergian music by Grégoire Hetzel, less convincing when he focuses on the parents, played by the real couple Laetitia Casta-Louis Garrel, whose self-criticism is not without finesse. N. S.

♥♥ White Building

Drama social cambodgien par Kavich Neang, avec Chhun Piseth, Soem Chinnaro, Jany Min (1h30).

Between scooter rides and choreography rehearsals, Samnang, 20, unfolds the deceptively carefree course of a life where social determinism leaves little room for hope. His father is ill, and the substandard apartments in his apartment building are going to be sold. The inhabitants are organizing to oppose their eviction. Set against the backdrop of Cambodia’s urban and economic transformation, the filmmaker, whose first film it is, combines political fiction and an introductory story. If his cinema still remains under influences (Wong Kar-wai, Tsai Ming-liang), he frees himself from it thanks to a sharp and melancholy staging. X. L.

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♥♥ My Kid

Israeli drama by Nir Bergman, with Shai Avivi, Noam Imber, Smadi Woflman (1h34).

Aaron raised his autistic son, now a young adult, on his own. While he must accompany him to a specialized home, he runs away with him, to the great displeasure of the mother. The dilemma of parents of disabled children through a road movie placed under the overwhelming aegis of Chaplin’s “Kid”. Correctness, a lot of tenderness, but little cinema in this film of actors directed by a screenwriter of the series “BeTipul” (source of “In therapy”), carried by the excellent Shai Avivi, endearing double of Philip Roth, and young Noam Imber, who are challenged to guess if he’s actually autistic (answer: he’s an actor). N. S.


Slim then 2!

French comedy by Charlotte de Turckheim, with Catherine Hosmalin, Lola Dewaere, Charlotte de Turckheim (1h45).

Nine years after “Damn, then! “, Round cure in Brides-les-Bains (1.5 million spectators), Charlotte de Turckheim is back. Isabelle (Turckheim) and Nina (Lola Dewaere) are opening a “fasting and detox” center in Provence. Among their clients: Emilie (Catherine Hosmalin), just left by her husband for a wrapped up man – which makes her a bit homophobic – or four coated teenagers. Injunctions on appearances, self-acceptance, threat of sexual harassment, toxic influence … Turckheim rides the zeitgeist to complete a comedy devoid of cinematographic vista, thickened with a few witticisms (“To win, you have to lose”), at the announced happy end. Not thick. Sophie Grassin

♥♥♥ Copyright Van Gogh

Chinese documentary by Haibo Yu and Kiki Tianqi Yu (1h29).

In Dafen, a village in South China, the local industry is the mass reproduction of masterpieces of world painting: slaves are forced to paint Monets, Mona Lisa, and chain naïves, for poverty wages. Large industry: turnover of 30 million euros, 20,000 employees. Xiayong, specialized in Van Gogh, has copied the famous “Sunflowers” ​​thousands of times. Is he a forger? A victim ? what is a copyright ? Xiayong, in his own way, isn’t he an artist? The film asks the question: what is art ?, and shows modern China, the paradise of the most aggressive and misguided capitalism. Francois Forestier

♥♥ All in scene 2

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American animated film by Garth Jennings, with the French voices of Jenifer Bartoli, Elodie Martelet (1h50).

The previous opus was amused by the tele-hook shows which abound on our screens. This sequel is a tribute to musicals. Wounded in his self-esteem by the sharp criticism of a producer who sees in her show only a small regional show, the koala Buster decides to put on a musical which will be remembered, koala faith. And who cares if he promises the presence on stage of a great name in music – a blatant lie that will cause many hiccups. A sparkling film, despite an unnecessarily tangled scenario. X. L.