July 1, 2022

Marvel unveils list of films to watch before season one ends

Seeing the 6 films recommended by Marvel could be beneficial to better understand the finale of the first season of Hawkeye on Disney +.

Since the start of its broadcast on Disney +, the series Hawkeye never ceases to make followers. It must be said that the program has frankly kept all its promises. Cascading twists and turns, the arrival of new villains and spectacular staging: all the ingredients for success are there. But that’s not all. Throughout this season, the series has made “bridges” with other MCU films. So it’s no wonder that Marvel has just released a list of movies to watch before the final episode. This viewing (or catching up) could give many keys to better understand certain aspects of the narrative arc.

Hawkeye: A Promising Final – Credit: Marvel Studios

Among this list, we find chronologically: Thor, The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Captain America : Civil War, Endgame and finally Black Widow. The studio also unsurprisingly recommends seeing (or revisiting) the first five episodes of the series.

Hawkeye: important films to understand the series

However, one film seems to be missing: Daredevil. Indeed, the latter could allow neophytes to better understand the character of Kingpin. This new villain has revealed to be in cahoots with Kate Bishop’s mother. However, one can understand why this film is missing from the famous list. First, because it now belongs to the catalog of competitor Netflix. But also because it’s technically not considered a movie directly related to the MCU.

Image 1: Hawkeye: Marvel unveils list of films to see before season one ends
Crédit : Twitter / @Hawkeyeofficial

As it concerns Black Widow, it’s a safe bet that Florence Pugh will play a leading role in the series finale. It all bodes well for a thrilling clue hunt for fans of the genre as well. The outcome of Hawkeye So promises to be thrilling and make unexpected connections with the rest of the MCU. For the moment, the secret is well kept. We will have the answer tonight, when the last episode airs.

We do not yet know if a second season is in the drawers. But that would only be fair, given the runaway success of those early episodes. Case to be continued!

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Source : Collider