May 12, 2022

Marvel Reveals Official Power Stone Timeline of MCU Movies

Marvel’s Infinity Saga included alone in Marvel Cinematic Universe more than 20 movies and some new wonder series to Disney Plus that complement the story. In the end, in the great confrontation of Avengers: Endgame the ranks of popular superheroes defeat the mighty adversary and Titan Thanos in the climactic battle and save the universe.

Thanos and the Infinity Stones in the MCU

An important part of the Infinity Saga is the Power Stone darling, one of six infinity stoneswho is different Control the elements of the universe. They are composed of extremely powerful gems that contain six distinct aspects: space, mind, reality, time, soul, and power.

One of the most important of these is undoubtedly the stone of power, the power stone, which, if in the wrong hands, can wreak massive havoc, including the annihilation of entire planets. This infinity stone is visually striking due to its unmistakable purple appearance, while the other stones are a different color such as red, green or yellow.

In the Infinity Saga, Thanos manages to steal these stones to unite them in the Golden Infinity Gauntlet and seize power over the entire universe. The rest should be known.

Marvel Reveals Official MCU Timeline

Marvel fans have certainly seen all the MCU films and series, but with the profusion of stories, the many characters and the various entanglements, we quickly lose the thread of the story. who had the Power Stone in their possession when and how it could fall into the hands of Thanos.

Marvel now has one Infographic showing the official Power Stone timeline and how it changed hands and when, in order to clear up any final inconsistencies and ensure clarity:


The infographic shows the Journey of the Power Stone, starting with his emergence along with the other five Infinity Stones until his journey through various MCU films. The many Marvel characters and locations within each are also vivid event in the timeline appointed.

Fans will find that certain incidents and events from the films of the various phases of the MCU have been confirmed or finally officially clarified due to the official timeline. Due to various time travel and parallel universes, there was still one or the other need for clarification.

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