May 13, 2022

Lilo and Stitch, Ice Age… These animated films which celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2022

There are many animated films that rocked our childhood and continue to comfort us (years later) in our adult life!

Lilo et Stitch, The Ice Age, Spirit…these cartoons that we love will all three celebrate their 20th birthday this year. And yes, already! So in memory of the good old days when we watched our films on tape, we offer you a small list of those who marked the year 2002.

Lilo et Stitch

© Disney

« Ohana means family. Family means no one should be left behind, nor forgotten. We don’t know about you, but this sentence has been etched in our heads since we saw Lilo et Stitch for the first time. Released in 2002, the Disney cartoon tells the story of Lilo, a young Hawaiian who, while living with her older sister, adopts a strange alien named Stitch. This little monster, however, is wanted by a group of aliens, since it is the most intelligent and destructive creature that has ever existed.

The Ice Age

ice Age

© 20th Century Fox

It’s not a Disney animated movie, but everyone has seen it at least once during their childhood. The Ice Age will also celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022! We well remember the unusual trio formed by Manny, Sid and Diego, dedicated to teaming up when they find themselves with a human baby on their arms. But if they decide to bring him back to his parents, the child is that of the chief of a prehistoric tiger-hunting tribe… And Diego’s clan has tasked him with luring Manny and Sid into a trap.

Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland


© Disney

Less known than the original cartoon, the second installment of Peter Pan was born in the summer of 2002. This sequel takes us to London during the Second World War, when Wendy became the mother of two children! In memory of her adventures, Wendy has a habit of telling them stories about Never Land. Danny, the youngest, loves these tales to fall asleep, while Jane doesn’t believe them at all… Juntil the day she is kidnapped by Captain Hook and encounter Peter Pan.

Spirit, the Stallion of the Plains

spirit film d'animation

© DreamWorks Animation

On his side, Spirit, the Stallion of the Plains has made us dream (and cry) since its release in 2002. We dive into the plains of the American West, where Spirit grew up venturing into the vastness of his native land. But when the stallion becomes the leader of his herd, his curiosity drives him dangerously close to a campfire. Captured and taken by force to a military fort, Spirit will do everything to find his family and his freedom!

Treasure Planet: A New Universe


© Disney

In the category “animated films which are under-rated”, we find The treasure planet, who is also celebrating his 20th birthday this year! Summary: Jim Hawkins embarks on a fantastic adventure in space to find the “loot of a thousand worlds”, a legendary pirate treasure. Between supernovas, black holes and storms of the cosmos, Jim will become a talented navigator aboard the RLS Legacy, before discovering that his old friend Silver is in fact a pirate who is plotting a mutiny…