January 24, 2022

Kaamelott: what is Alexandre Astier’s favorite scene in the film? – Cinema News

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The director and screenwriter Alexandre Astier confided in the audio commentary of the DVD-Blu-ray of “Kaamelott – First part” what was his favorite moment of the film.

This article is SPOILER and reveals intrigue points from “Kaamelott – first installment”. Read on at the risk of spoiling the surprises and revelations of the film.

Kaamelott’s DVD-Blu-Ray – First part is finally out and with it, an audio commentary provided by Alexandre Astier in the company of two of his children. The opportunity for fans to glean more information behind the scenes of the film and its characters.

The director-songwriter shared what his favorite scene was – or rather, his favorite scenes from the movie, and surprisingly, these are the passages that some fans sharply criticized:

Flashbacks are the things I’m most proud of in this movie. These dives into the memory of teenage Arthur …

Then, bringing a broader reflection on his personal tastes: “And then I think in other movies that use flashbacks, that’s always my favorite thing. There are people who don’t like it, I hear it, but I love it. I love it. love those of Godfather 2, obviously … I always like when someone explains to me about their past and shows it to me. “

The film’s flashbacks shed light on Arthur’s past when he trained with the Roman Legion and his name was Arturus. At that time, the character is played by Neil Astier, son of Alexander, and offers a story that turns out to be foundational for the future carrier of Excalibur.


Neil Astier as young Arthur

Season 6 of the series was already looking back on Arthur’s years in Rome, and more precisely when he was part of the city’s urban militia. Here again, we explored an important moment in the character’s life, both sentimental and tragic.

Find more details and secrets behind the scenes of Kaamelott – First part in the DVD-Blu-ray bonuses.

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