May 24, 2022

Joss Whedon returns to his accusations and knocks out the actors of the film

Joss Whedon, director of Justice League, is again talked about by returning to the accusations against him.

First thrown through storylines where he was uncredited in the early part of the 90s, Joss Whedon’s career explodes in the second part of the decade by co-writing the screenplay Toy Story first of the name, and by launching the legendary series buffy the vampire slayer in 1997. Adored and immediate success, the fantasy action series established the man as one of the most influential screenwriters of the late 90s and 2000s.

His popularity will lead him to the realization of some feature films, including the first two films Avengers, the first meetings of superheroes in the MCU. His light style and his chiseled dialogues will lead him to be requisitioned by Warner for resume post-production as well as the reshoots of the Justice League by Zack Snyder. However, the end of the 2010s was one hell of a relapse for the artist.

The Whedon Affair, aka Pandora’s Box

Indeed, Joss Whedon was at the heart of several accusations of harassment on the set of Buffy – in particular through remarks on the curves of women on the set – threats against actresses on the set of the spin-off series Angel – the creator allegedly threatened to destroy the careers of people who disagreed with him – and his ex-wife’s statements that Whedon was using the feminist cover he inherited from his work on Buffy to attract young women.

Indictments which came to support those of which he had been the subject for several months following the release of his Justice League, where the director would have had inappropriate actions on the set of the reshoots. Actress Gal Gadot claimed to have received sexist remarks as well as threats to jeopardize her career if she did not follow her instructions to the letter. Similarly, actor Ray Fisher was allegedly the victim of abusive remarks on the set as well as a copious and unfair reduction of his presence in the film.

Faced with these accusations and the union of different actors from Joss Whedon’s previous creations who support the veracity of these different statements, the showrunner purposely distanced himself from the media for a while.

Justice League : Photo Ray FisherRay Fisher on offense

joss whedon settles accounts

However, journalist Lila Shapiro recently had the opportunity, for the New York Magazine, to talk at length with the director/screenwriter. The way to return in detail to the various accusations against the creator of Buffy, but also on part of his private life and how it may have influenced his behavior. But even more, Whedon even took the opportunity to settle accounts with the Justice League team commenting on the accusations of Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher.

As for Gal Gadot: “I don’t threaten people: who does that? […] English is not his mother tongue [sous-entendre qu’elle a pu mal le comprendre, ndlr] and I tend to be more sophisticated in my statements.” As for Ray Fisher’s public statements: “[Ces déclarations ne sont] neither true nor deserved. […] We are talking about a malevolent force. We’re talking about a bad actor in both senses of the word.”

Joss Whedon therefore raises the possibility that Wonder Woman actress just didn’t understand what he said to her on the set, taking for threats what was not, what Gal Gadot has already refuted with the same New York Magazine claiming to have understood very well. As for Ray Fisher, the director insists on the fact that if the actor was cut in part from the cinema version, it was only for reasons of play and coherence in the story, a feeling that would have been shared by feedback during test screenings of the film.

Justice League : Photo Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller, Gal GadotUnity is strength

what future for Whedon?

Joss Whedon therefore clearly highlights his feelings about the acting of the actor to defend himself from his actions on the set and after. The interpreter of Cyborg, in response to the director’s counterattack, tweeted :

“It looks like Joss Whedon has decided to bury himself. Instead of responding to lies and antics today, I prefer to celebrate the legacy of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Tomorrow, I resume the job.”

In the introduction to his tweet, Ray Fisher implies, with irony and acidity, that Whedon’s career is unlikely to recover from this statement, and that instead of wrapping up a phase of the MCU or DCEU, it will have instead ended its own future in film. In the article of New York Magazine, Whedon also spoke of the impressive roller coaster his career has had following his accusations:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: photo, Sarah Michelle GellarLong after Buffy’s feminism…

“I don’t know who started this. […] I was made a target because of my ex-wife and people cynically exploited that. […] The beginning of the internet made me a star and the modern internet has brought me down. […] I think I’m one of the friendliest showrunners ever.”

Joss Whedon therefore continues to defend himself against the various criticisms he has suffered, even though he admits to having sometimes behaved inappropriately on the set of Buffy especially. Difficult to know what the future will hold for the showrunner, who has already had to abandon the series The Nevers, because of all these controversies. As for Gal Gadot, his career does not seem ready to stop since it was recently affiliated with the production of a remake of an Alfred Hitchcock film.