May 24, 2022

Jared Leto Wants A Solo Film About His Character (And That’s No Joke)

Jared Leto would love to play Paolo Gucci again in a prequel toHouse of Gucci centered on his character with Al Pacino.

We’re still trying to figure out what happened with Jared Leto on the set ofHouse of Gucci, a fictionalized biopic by Ridley Scott about the assassination of Maurizio Gucci by Patrizia Reggiani, and the latter’s attempted takeover of the Gucci brand. Crazy physical transformations are a formality for Jared Leto, who can lose 30 pounds, shave his eyebrows, and wax his body in an effort to best portray a transgender person (he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club).

The public was therefore impatient to see him as a black sheep of Italian luxury. If we were not won over by his Paolo Gucci (nor by House of Gucci in general, which has been criticized), it seems that some of the spectators were seduced by his “campy” interpretation, including exaggerated and sometimes kitsch. In any case enough to give the actor ideas for a prequel to the film, still in the role of Paolo.

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“I would like to do a prequel to House of Gucci. We would call it ‘Just the Two of Us'” expressed the actor during an interview within The Jess Cagle Show on the chain Sirius XM. The title would be a reference to Paolo Gucci’s desire to create his own brand far from the influence of his family, crossed by fratricidal struggles. This title could also mean the desire for a prequel centered on the character of Paolo and his relationship with his father Aldo, played by Al Pacino.

Jared Leto has also revealed a filming anecdote about his collaboration with the legendary actor. In costume and unrecognizable with his makeup during the first days of filming, he would have surprised the actor:

“I walked up to him and said ‘dad’, he walked away, thinking I was just some weird Italian dude trying to get an autograph out of him or something. I walked over of him two or three times to talk to him and finally someone whispered to him ‘It’s Paolo, and it’s Jared below’ and he started saying ‘My son, my son’ and he fell on the ground. He was stunned.”

House of Gucci : photo, Jared LetoFirst assigned to another character, Jared Leto felt connected to the misunderstood Paolo

Jared Leto seems to think that there is enough left to tell about Paolo Gucci, starting with his desire to create a line different from the standards of his family despite the teasing of the latter. On our side, we are not sure we want to review his Luigi accent apart from a feature film devoted to Mario Kart.

The heart ofHouse of Gucci was the eccentric of a wacky, dramatic Italian family, and Jared Leto probably contributed to that sense of grotesque, yet interesting exaggeration. However, the best jokes are also the shortest, and a film of more than 2h30 will have been enough to bring us satiety. House of Gucci is still in a few theaters in France at the start of 2022. And if you can’t wait to see Jared Leto again with prosthetics, Morbius will be in theaters on March 30, 2022.