June 30, 2022

it is the horror films and series that inspired the creators

The fourth season of Strange thing is about to return to the platform Netflix after its success with the third season and fans are waiting to see the new stories.

According to Netflix, the third part of the series was one of the most popular releases in streaming history. Its administrators Matt et Ross Duffer along with Shawn Levy, they planned a fourth season in advance before there was a global pandemic.

After the arrival of the Covid-19, the plans took another course but once the restrictions were relaxed, the filming resumed its course. Despite the fact that there is no confirmed release date, there are rumors that this story will not end in 2022.

But the news now is that “Strangers Thing” was inspired by the films and novels of Stephen King. What are the other films and novels that have been made in reference?


The main character of this film is Millie Bobby Brown, who has telekinetic powers, just like Carrie’s character. But, there is a difference between the two young women, Our use your skills against monsters and cruel agents of governments. Many fans have pointed out that it is still early days, but Eleven will have her Carrie moment because of the abuse she has suffered in the past.


The car of Chiristine I kill several people. The horror film was released in 1983, but Strange thing he doesn’t have a car that kills people, Billy claims he drives a similar car and many scenes are part of the movie Christine.


This is another of Stephen King’s most famous novels. Although the gang does not see a group of children fighting a clown, in Hawkins, Indiana, there are young people fighting supernatural monsters.

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