May 22, 2022

Independence Day Director Says Franchise Movies Are Ruining The Industry

Although sometimes it seems like the world is dominated by big movie franchises like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, star wars and the DCEU, these films have been responsible for a large portion of box office receipts over the past decade. There is no denying that their popularity is the reason for the growing number of major movie franchises. However, with people like Martin Scorsese, Independence Day Director Roland Emmerich isn’t a huge fan of how these films took to the cinema and has gone so far as to say he thinks they “ruined the film industry”.

His take might seem a little dramatic in the grand scheme of things, but the colossal films that come with each of these franchises, such as Spider-Man: No Coming Home and the next The Batman, have changed the way disaster movies like ID4 are received by the public because everything is expected to be bigger than before. During an interview with Den of Geek, Emmerich had this to say:

“Naturally, Marvel and DC Comics, and Star Wars, pretty much took over. It’s kind of ruining our industry, because nobody’s doing anything original anymore. »

While this isn’t the first time Emmerich has dabbled in superhero blockbusters, he has previously said he used to watch Marvel movies on long-haul flights to fall asleep, and it seems that it largely comes down, by his admission, to being of German descent. He revealed in a previous interview that superheroes weren’t a thing in Germany until he was beyond looking at that kind of thing so he never built the affiliation with them that many others have.

He once said he didn’t understand the concept of superheroes, commenting, “When you watch my movies, it’s always the regular Joe Schmo who’s the unlikely hero. A lot of Marvel movies show people in funny costumes running around. I don’t like people with capes. I think it’s silly when someone puts on a superhero costume and flies. I don’t understand it. »

Roland Emmerich’s Greatest Disaster Movies Require As Much Suspending Belief As Any Marvel Movie

Independence Day 2 Sets Up More Sequels, Says Director

Having been responsible for films such as Independence Day, 1998 version of Godzilla, and Two days later, as well as his new film, moon fall, Roland Emmerich’s films typically require audiences to hang their beliefs on the door as ordinary people leap from buildings and land perfectly on solid ground without a scratch, avoid monsters and aliens with timely ease, and survive apocalyptic events. thanks to very eccentric methods.

In many ways, there’s not much difference between Emmerich’s best-known films and the franchise movies he doesn’t have much time for – except maybe a brightly colored cape or two. of cours. Ultimately, the movie industry isn’t ruined by Marvel or DC movies, because a look at the last ten years of Oscar nominations makes it clear that there are plenty of other movies out there for people who don’t want to. not sit. another episode of earth-saving shenanigans.

Emmerich’s last film, moon fall, sees a mysterious force knock the moon out of its orbit and onto a collision course with Earth, leaving a select group of two astronauts and a conspiracy theorist to attempt to prevent the end of the world. You can see this one in theaters starting February 4.

Moonfall trailer: Halle Berry saves the Earth in Roland Emmerich's epic Disaster

Moonfall trailer: Halle Berry saves the Earth in Roland Emmerich’s epic Disaster

Watch Roland Emmerich launch Halle Berry and her crew to save our world from collision course with the moon.

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