July 7, 2022

Hobbs and Shaw director’s action flick starring Brad Pitt is postponed

The release date of David Leitch’s new film, an action movie on a train starring Brad Pitt, has been pushed back.

Former coordinator and stuntman David Leitch donned the director’s cap for the first time on the set of the first John Wick, alongside Chad Stahelski, in 2014. He then continued with the imperfect, but generous and entertaining Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, before making the spin-off of the saga Fast & Furious, Hobbs & Shaw.

Technician and craftsman of action like there are too few of them in Hollywood, the American director is about to make a new action film, with an impressive cast made up, among others, of Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Andrew Koji, Logan Lerman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Michael Shannon. This beautiful bunch of actors was supposed to reach cinemas in April 2022, but that was before the movie was postponed.

Unseen footage of Pitt in preparation for the role.

Indeed, according to Collider, the release of the feature film was moved in the summer of the same year, July 15 in the United States to be more exact. This postponement is said to be due to the competition the film would have faced had it been released on the same day as Sonic 2. Mid-July, David Leitch’s New Feature Film To Benefit From Summer Blockbuster Season to attract hordes of sweaty onlookers looking for ventilation.

The film therefore joins the list of big releases for June / July / August, alongside Jurassic World: The Next World, Buzz Lightning, Elvis, Minions 2 and Black Adam. In addition, the film will be released shortly after the Thor : Love and Thunder (July 8) by Taika Waititi, and just before the Nope by Jordan Peele (July 22), enough to put into perspective the firing window released by the postponement of the American actioner.

Jurassic World: The World From: photoSizeable competition!

As a reminder, the film will tell the story of five assassins who find themselves in a train in search of their targets without their suspecting that their different missions will intersect. Bullet Train will also sign the return of Brad Pitt in a film by David Leitch after the brief, but fun cameo of the actor in Deadpool 2. It will be the same for Zazie Beetz, who we had seen in the same film in the role of Domino.

Finally, note that Bullet Train will be the adaptation of the new Maria Beetle written by Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka, which will be adapted here by Zak Olkewicz. The set will be produced by Leitch himself, but also by Kelly McCormick and director Antoine Fuqua. This fine team, this five-star cast and this simple, but promising pitch, have something to make you want to discover this action film which will be released on July 15 in the United States and July 20 in France.