January 26, 2022

Here you can see all the movies of Jönssonligan

Dore Johnson Warning (1981)

Warning from Dore Jönsson directed by Jonas Cornelll It talks about the genius Charles-Ingvar “Sickan” Jönsson, who has an ingenious plan that includes a Franz Jäger brand safe. But the coup failed and he was sentenced to prison. Upon release, Sikan will be transported by Vanheden and Rocky. But instead, he is chosen by the king of finance Wall-Enberg played by Per Grundén who wants to open a safe in Switzerland.

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Jönssonligan et Dynamit-Harry (1982)

Jönssonligan and Dynamit-Harry directed by Michael Ekman It revolves around the league’s assault on the Franz Jäger brand vault inside Burns Saloner. But suddenly Dynamit-Harry appeared, who is playing him Bjorn gustafsson, he is very drunk. Harry destroys the attempted coup and Charles Ingvar “Sikan” Johnson ends up in jail. Ten months later, Sikan goes on sale and has a new plan. This time, it is believed that the league will break into financier Wal-Inberg and take a large sum of money from him.

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Johnson Catches the Gold Rush (1984)

Johnson has a gold rush

Johnson has a gold rush directed by Michael Ekman He talks about Sickan after hearing about the secret master plan in which Sweden will in the future be divided into a residential area, a defense area and a recreation area. The scheme is only available on a computer chip in the Swedish armed forces, and Sikan wants to steal the chip and sell it to his nemesis, Wallenburg. But after Sekan finally got the money to buy the chip, Sekan mistook his wallet for the police commissioner, who was also kicked out, and the police discovered his bag contained money instead of gear. fishing.

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Jönssonligan Appears Again (1986)

Jönssonligan reappears

Jönssonligan reappears directed by Michael Ekman It’s about getting money in the IKEA Jönsson League store with a smart plan. But he fails at the last minute. During the coup, Sikan discovered that a clique was using discarded furniture to smuggle US military equipment into the then Soviet Union.

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Johnson League in Mallorca (1989)

Jönsson League in Mallorca

Jönsson League in Mallorca directed by Michael Ekman It takes place in Mallorca, where Doris has a solarium and where the boys Vanheden and Dynamite Harry move in with her. Doris has rented the apartment in Sweden to Sikan, who is visited by the Malian King Wol-Enburg in rainy and gray Stockholm, who staged a lucrative coup against a treasure in Mallorca.

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Johnson et la Black Diamond League (1992)

Jönssonligan and black diamonds

Jönssonligan and black diamonds directed by Hans Schick Gabrielson And he’s talking about the retirement of league leader Charles Ingvar Johnson. The situation becomes desperate when Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry are left alone, which satisfies the police. But with the Jönsson League permanently closed, it’s time to reopen it. This time they get help from Dr M. a. Bossuet, who plays it Pierre’s NewsThe target is the Romanov black diamond on display at the National Museum in Stockholm.

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Johnson’s Biggest Fool (1995)

The biggest success of the Jönsson League

The biggest turnaround in the Jönsson League directed by Hans Schick Gabrielson It concerns Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry’s attempt to save League leader Dr. Bosse from prison. Instead, Busé’s cellmate, Hermann Melvin, who plays him, was released. Stellan Skarsgård. On the reverse side, Dr Bosset drew up a plan for a banknote printing factory, where Melvin previously worked, which leads the league to Poland, where large commissions are expected.

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Lilla Jönssonligan et la Cornflakes Cup (1996)

Leela Johnson as Legan

Lilla Jönssonligan and a cup of cereal directed by Wegener chrétien. The film is set in the mid-fifties of the last century. Charles Ingvar Johnson, role Callie Ericsson, started in grade 4A and met Ragnar Vanheden (Jonathan Flumy), dynamite harry (Frédéric Glimskar) and Doris (Jonas Suhlmeer) for the first time. The university is looking for coveted filmmakers who are in cornflake packs.

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Lilla Jönssonligan på Styva Linan (1997)

Leela Johnson as Legan

Lilla Jönssonligan sur la corde raide directed by Wegener chrétien And it was the summer of the late 1950s, when the Wall-Entuna fun fair arrived. Sekan, of course, has a plan to get hundreds of “free tickets”. But the plan changes when Sickan & Co meets the Kanonkulan theme park artists, Svärdslukerskan and Clownen, who are also in the Twilight shops. The next morning, police secured several leads, all pointing to Lilla Jönssonligan.

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Jönssonligan plays aloud (2000)

Jönssonligan joue dur

Jönssonligan joue dur directed by Thomas Rieberger Talk about former classmates Ragnar, Vanhidden, and Dynamite Harry who decided to be honest. They started AB Alltjänst. Of course, Doris works as a secretary. For Alltjänst, no job is too small. But one day, they are approached by an old woman who offers them a somewhat original mission: to see the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. However, it turns out that the old woman has a criminal past. And not only that, it’s Sekan’s grandmother! And as if that wasn’t enough, Sekan’s little brother, Sven Ingvar, also lives in his house.

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Lilla Jönssonligan på kollo (2004)

Leela Johnson as Legan

Lilla Jönssonligan on campus directed by Wegener chrétien. The film is about Sekan, Vanheden and Harry’s desire to graduate and have a summer vacation. But after the bus ride, the summer doesn’t end as well as the boys had imagined. The children are sent to Kollot Vindpinan, famous for caring for difficult children. Ice cream and pigeons are replaced with fried porridge, and an outdoor toilet is cleaned. But Sekan doesn’t like camping, but while trying to escape, he discovers that a boat full of candy is heading for Gotland.

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Lilla Jönssonligan et la star du hit (2006)

Leela Johnson as Legan

Lilla Jönssonligan and the star of the solstice directed by David peron. Sekan, Vanheden and Harry are determined and confident to secure autographs from this summer’s hottest artist Danny Dee, who plays Daniela metsicka) But Danny D’s sales manager forbade him to sign autographs.

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Johnson – Dunn Perfect Stötten (2015)


Jönssonligan: the perfect shot directed by Alain Darbourg He is related to Charles Ingvar Johnson (Simon J. BurgerHe has a plan. Enlist the help of illusionist magician Vanheden, (Alexandre karim), Harry expert in explosives (Turkel PetersonRocky’s Skillful Lockdown SpecialistSusan Thorson). Together, the Jönsson League will score the perfect shot.

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Watch out for the Jönsson League (2020)

Watch out for the Johnson league

Watch out for the Johnson league directed by Thomas Alfredson It is about a resident who finds himself in prison after a failed coup attempt. When he comes out, Jönsson’s teammates are honest and Sickan can continue on his own. Crime agent Anita, played by Lina was, gives a simple intrusion as a task, but everything turns out to be far more important than Sekan thought. Now he needs his former partners to land the toughest blow in Johnson’s league history.

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