July 4, 2022

Here is the most terrifying horror movie of all time, according to science!

Horror movies are winning over more and more people these days. Whether it’s for a simple night out with friends or during the Halloween period, horror movies are more and more watched.

Technologies present today allow directors to create very realistic horror movies ! Fancy a thrill? Nothing like watching a horror movie alone at home before going to bed, right? Well a recent scientific study determined which was the most terrifying horror movie in history to date.

Horror films, which have become a real passion for some

For the more daring of cinema fans, horror films have become a real passion today. Indeed, in recent years, these have become more and more fashionable. Usually people like to scare each other. Horror films are therefore a very good way to scare yourself, just like video games or literature.

Regularly, most terrifying movie question is debated by horror movie fans. Since fear is subjective, each individual does not experience fear in the same way. Some will be more fearful of certain situations than others. This is why it is quite complicated to determine which is the most terrifying horror movie.

In order to determine the lucky winner, it is better to let science take care of it. A study of this kind had already been carried out by scientists determining a classification of the most terrifying horror films.

A young couple is watching a horror movie at home. Illustrative photo. Image Credit: Shutterstock / Krakenimages.com

What is the scariest horror movie according to scientists?

A recent scientific study has just been published and totally contradicts the previous study of the same kind. The most terrifying movie to be determined by scientists is arguably not the movie you’d expect! And yet …

This study was carried out with the participation of 250 individuals. The various participants then watched 40 horror films. During this viewing, the individuals fitted themselves with a heart rate monitor in order to follow the rhythm of their heart. In a normal situation, the average heartbeat of the individuals was 64. But during the screening of the film Host, the average of participants heartbeat reached 88. For scientists, Host is therefore indeed the most terrifying film!

Released in 2020, Host is one of the most recent horror films to date. If you haven’t watched it yet, all you have to do is do it and face your biggest fears!

However, the quality of the study conducted by scientists is uncertain. Indeed, the recent release of this film may have an impact on the results. Watching the film during this study may have been a first for most of the participants. While the other films, less recent and better known, had surely been seen before.

This greatly influences fear and therefore the results of this study. During the first viewing, we do not know the plot so we jump at the slightest noise. But by the second viewing, we already know part of the story of the film so we are less afraid.