July 7, 2022

Here are the 10 most popular films of the year

2020 has been a chaotic year for all industries and besides tourism one of the most affected has been the film industry. For months, several shootings were interrupted due to health restrictions and some others were suspended until the arrival of 2021. It was only this year that the castings and productions were able to return to the recording sets. without any problem, maintaining the necessary protocols to take. concern for the well-being of your teams.

So much so that, after a completely empty year for cinema and digital platforms, this 2021 several premieres have arrived. Among them are Marvel movies, some Disney and others just science fiction. However, According to IMDB, there were only ten that made it to the most popular list of the year and, through their official Instagram account, they featured them..

The 10 most popular films of the year:

10. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings:

Released in September 2021, it is one of the great creations of wonder Workshops. The film stars Simu Liu and tells the story of Shang-Chi, the martial arts master who faces a past he thought he left behind. And, the premiere was such a success that the MCU has already confirmed that the film will have a sequel.

9. Cruel:

It hit theaters in May this year, and within weeks it hit the Disney Plus platform where it’s available. Directed by Craig Gillespie and played by Emma Stone, this film tells the story of Cruella de Vil, the big bad of 101 Dalmatians. With a memorable performance from the protagonist, after years Disney has relaunched this character in a remake that has caused a stir among fans.

8. The army of the dead:

Also released in May, this film was directed by Zack Snyder and starring Dave Bautista. Located in Las Vegas, the city of sin, a group of mercenaries enter the quarantine zone of a zombie epidemic to commit the greatest theft of their lives.

7. Black widow:

It was one of the most anticipated films of wonder Workshops. Originally with this tape, the MCU had planned to start its phase four since it was going to be released in 2020, but due to the pandemic it had to be delayed and it only arrived in 2021. So hybrid in theaters and Disney Plus, fans got to know the origins of Natasha Romanoff, one of The Avengers’ most important members. And, also, with this movie, Scarlett Johansson would have completely said goodbye to the world of superheroes.

6. Godzilla vs. Kong:

It was one of the most ambitious premieres of 2021. It hit theaters in March of this year and caused great excitement among all followers of these two monsters. It takes place five years after Godzilla defeats King and portrays the showdown between these two beasts that shakes the foundations of humanity.

5. Justice League de Zack Snyder :

It premiered on March 18 and was Henry Cavill’s last appearance as Superman. On this occasion, Bruce Wayne seeks the help necessary to recruit a group of metahumans to protect the world from any threat. Although the most dangerous has catastrophic proportions.

4. Mortal combat:

It is one of the most acclaimed action and fantasy films by audiences. It premiered in April 2021 and received a 6.1-star rating on IMDB. With Lewis Tan in the role of Cole Young, tells the story of this fighter, who must face Sub-Zero, the best warrior of Emperor Shang Tsung, who wants to hunt him down. And, at the same time as he tries to escape the clutches of this man who pursues him, he is obliged to protect his family.

3. Eternals:

This is another of the films that are part of phase four of wonder. On this occasion, Hollywood’s biggest studio presented new additions such as Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek. The film premiered on November 5 and tells the story of immortal beings, who have lived secretly on Earth for years, but now must shine a light on their superhuman powers to defend humanity against a threat only they can. overcome.

2. The suicide squad:

It was released in August 2021 and is part of the DC Cinematic Universe. On this occasion, the world’s most dangerous supervillains accept a government mission for the sole purpose of getting out of the hellish prison in which they are locked. Starring Margot Robbie, Pete Davidson, John Cena and many more, the feature scored 7.3 on IMDB, establishing itself as one of the most popular action-adventure films of this year.

1. Dune :

It is considered the visual spectacle of the last time. Released in October 2021 and with an upcoming streaming arrival, Dune is the first on the IMDB list. This is because he became the perfect introduction to the story of Paul Atréides, which was played by Timothée Chalamet. In addition, the combination of the main actor with the participation of Zendaya attracted the attention of many fans.

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