January 26, 2022

growing up with wolves, behind the scenes of “Mystery”


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E.Cornet L.Trihan-Coignard, N.Berthier, G.André, R.Laurentin

France 2

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The film “Mystery” tells the story of friendship between a wolf and an eight-year-old girl. Meeting with the trainer thanks to which the filming could take place.

In the movie “Mystery”, eight-year-old Victoria struggles to recover from her mother’s death. When she falls for a furball, it is like rebirth for her and her father, until they learn that the animal is not a dog, but a wolf.

The shooting was an extraordinary adventure for Shanna Keil, the interpreter of Victoria. The story began in Loiret, where Muriel Bec works as a specialist in animal staging. She put the girl to contact with Cubs weeks before filming. “They grew up at the same time as Shana, which made it possible to create and maintain a bond which they will keep for life.”, explains Muriel Bec. Dthem after the end of the shoot, the wolves have not forgotten Shanna Keil. “I have always felt confident”, indicates the actress. Muriel Bec knows how to go about cooperating with this wild animal. On screen, the result is spectacular.


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