January 26, 2022

Ghibli: Miyazaki’s 10 favorite films (Chihiro, Mononoké), from Spielberg to the menu

News culture Ghibli: Miyazaki’s 10 favorite films (Chihiro, Mononoké), from Spielberg to the menu

Hayao Miyazaki turned 81 earlier this year and is on the verge of retirement soon. A career rich in blockbusters, the existence of which has undoubtedly contributed to the popularization of Japanese animation. But by whom was he himself influenced? Answer in this article.


  • Only one animated film in the ranking
  • His latest war-inspired film?

Only one animated film in the ranking

Today acclaimed director Hayao Miyzaki is one of the pundits of Japanese 2D animation. In 1985, he founded the Ghibli studios with Isao Takahata with whom they both produced animated films.. We owe Takahata films like The Grave of the Fireflies and The Tale of Princess Kaguya, while Miyazaki is recognized worldwide with Spirited away, Princess mononoke or The Howl’s Moving Castle. Japanese box office boxes (especially for Chihiro) which are still very popular today. Witness the turmoil organized by the public when Miyazaki announces that he is working on a new feature film. But what films inspired this Japanese man born in the middle of World War II? Thanks to the book Turning Point, an auto-biographical story and an ode to animation, a “ editor ” named PTA1970 has established a selection of Hayao Miyazaki’s favorite films:

  • Room We Father de Masahiro Makino (1937)””
  • The King and the Bird by Paul Grimault (1952)
  • The Seven Samurai d’Akira Kurosawa (1954)
  • The Soldier’s Ballad de Grigory Chukhkray (1959)
  • Ashes and Diamonds de Andrzej Wajda (1958)
  • The Snow Queen by Levon Atamanyan (1957)
  • Priest of Darkness de Sadao Yamanaka (1936)
  • The Beehive Spirit by Victor Erice (1973)
  • Jaws de Steven Spielberg (1975)
  • The Hellish Pursuit by John Ford (1946)

A ranking composed mostly of films that saw the light of day during the 1950s. Like many of his colleagues, Hayao Miyazaki was influenced by The Seven Samurai de Kurosawa. We note all the same the presence of rather dark films linked to the war (The Soldier’s Ballad, Ashes and Diamonds) especially for a Japanese born in the middle of World War II whose traumas are still felt in his productions.

His latest war-inspired film?

A theme of war that will still be at the heart of Hayao Miyazaki’s next (and last?) Film. Still under the Ghibli flag, Miyazaki is currently on the making of an animated feature film titled How do you live?. How do you live? is adapted from the book by Genaburo Yoshino, published in 1937 during the rise of Nazism and the militarization of Japan. It tells the story of a teenager who lost his father and now lives with his uncle. Throughout the story, the reader lives with the eyes and the heart of the young man and at the same time does the painful apprenticeship of life.

An adaptation that Hayao Miyazaki dedicates to his grandson who will one day have to deal with the death of his grandfather. A film that looks like a testament for his grandson but also for his spectators since it will be the last film of the great Japanese director. Halfway through last year, the movie doesn’t have a release date yet. And that’s good, to give us more time to prepare for the retirement of this Japanese genius.

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