July 2, 2022

From “Corniaud” to “Brice 3”, discover the seven cult films of French cinema which were shot in Bordeaux

VIDEOS – For a month, the Gironde capital is the setting for the shooting of “Malik”, the new film by director Rachid Bouchareb. Comedies, historical films, biopics … Since the 1960s, many classics of French cinema have already been shot in Bordeaux

Part of the shooting of the new feature film by director Rachid Bouchareb, known for his Caesarized film “Indigènes”, takes place in Bordeaux between the end of October and November.

Entitled “Malik”, this film which stars Reda Kateb, will tell the story of Malik Oussekine, killed in Paris by the police in 1986, during student demonstrations, is added to the many feature films already shot in the Gironde capital, historic land of cinema.

“Le Corniaud” (1964)

If most of the cult film takes place in Italy, it is in the streets of Bordeaux where it was shot in 1964 that the intrigue of “Corniaud”, a comedy by Gérard Oury bringing together Bourvil and Louis de Funès, is unraveled. The time of a breathless finale, the film whose script is inspired by one of the episodes of the dismantling of the “French Connection”, has also become for Bordeaux viewers in 2021, a formidable archival document.

End scene of the “Corniaud” in the streets of Bordeaux.


We (re) discover a Grand Théâtre in stone entirely blackened by years and pollution, far from its current splendor. Ditto for the Town Hall, overlooking a Pey-Berland square where car traffic dominates the public highway. The same goes for the docks which, cluttered with a giant parking lot, are still those of a freight port, with cranes stationed all along to load and unload the boats. Upon its release, “Le Corniaud” was a great success upon its release, finishing at the top of the French box office in 1965 with 11,739,783 admissions.

“The Fugitives” (1986)

December 12, 1986.

December 12, 1986.

South West Archives

After “La Chèvre” and “Les Compères”, “Les Fugitifs”, released in 1986, is the third and last film by Francis Veber, with the famous tandem Gérard Depardieu and Pierre Richard. The opportunity to dive into the city’s past and rediscover what the city center looked like in the 1980s, between the Bordeaux Gallery, the Public Garden, Place Meynard, not to mention the Mornier jewelry store on rue Sainte-Catherine, which no hasn’t moved since. The plot is simple. Jean Lucas (Gérard Depardieu) seeks to settle down after five years in prison. Impossible for Commissioner Duroc (Maurice Barrier). François Pignon (Pierre Richard), for his part, takes it into his head to rob a bank. But he’s not a gangster, he’s clumsy, the robbery turns into a fiasco. He decides to take Jean Lucas hostage, who has come to deposit a check …

After shooting for six weeks in the summer of 1986, the film was presented in national preview on December 11 in Bordeaux, in front of “a crazy world”. At the bend of a sequence shot in a bar in Saint-Michel, the people of Bordeaux will recognize the poster for the “Vent Debout” café-bookstore, rue Bergeret, which has since disappeared and replaced by Boulevard des potes.

“Les Miserables” (1982)

On the set of “Misérables” in Bordeaux.

On the set of “Misérables” in Bordeaux.

Disappeared at the age of 93, Robert Hossein came in 1982 to film scenes from his film “Les Misérables”, one of the most faithful film adaptations of Victor Hugo’s novel. Why did you choose the Gironde capital to set the scene for Paris in the 19th century? Asked by “South West”, he will justify his choice with a phrase from Hugo himself: “Take Versailles, add Antwerp to it, you will have Bordeaux”.

Thus Bordeaux has lent its streets and landscapes authentically 18th and 19th century. When the film came out in 1982, it was the second largest budget in French cinema behind “Tess”, with 6 billion centimes. Big production for this 34th version, both cinematographic and television. The film lasts 3 hours and the series has 13 shows of 52 minutes each.

“Queen Margot” (1993)

The filming of

The filming of “La Reine Margot”, very closed, did not prevent some stolen photos, as here with Isabelle Adjani in costume.

South West Archives / Daniel Velez

It is one of the most famous shoots to have taken place in the capital of Aquitaine. Produced in 1994, based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas père, Patrice Chéreau’s film (1944-2013) recreates some of the darkest hours in French history, those of the Saint-Barthélémy massacre. Passed through Portugal, Aisne, the Paris region and Reims, the filming of “Queen Margot”, with Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil and Jean-Hugues Anglade, also stopped in 1993 in Bordeaux, rue de la Tour-du-Pin and rue Saint-Eloi, not far from the Grosse Cloche.

Three weeks on site, a hundred extras, for this evocation of the dark fate of Marguerite de Valois, first wife of the future Henri IV. The territorial nod is there, since the real queen Margot stayed not far from Bordeaux, at the castle of Cazeneuve. But in 1993, it was his interpreter, Isabelle Adjani, who was at the center of attention. In the city, it remains discreet, like a very closed shoot from which little is leaked, otherwise some stolen photos. The film received two awards at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and five Césars in 1995.

« Vidocq » (2000)

On the set of

On the set of “Vidocq”, rue de la Tour-du-pin, in 2000.

Archives Rodolphe Escher

Royal casting for “Vidocq”, released in 2001, which brings together Gérard Depardieu, Guillaume Canet, Inés Sastre, André Dussollier… Pitof, the director, chose Bordeaux and the historic district of Saint-Michel and the rue de la Tour-du- Pin for this period film with great spectacle, detective and fantastic, whose action takes place in 1830, at the dawn of the Revolution of July 1830. Étienne Boisset (Guillaume Canet), young journalist and self-proclaimed biographer of Eugene -François Vidocq (Gérard Depardieu), disembarks from his provincial village to unmask the assassin of his master thinker and resume his last investigation left unfinished …

More broadly, the entire Saint-Michel district is invested for the needs of the film. “A local rue Maubec for the management, another rue de la Fusterie for the costumes. A dressing room for the actors a little further. A canteen along the quays ”, details“ South West ”at the time. Outside the scenes, many street scenes are filmed. Artificers and extras punctuate the reconstructions of riots.

Jappeloup (2013)

Guillaume Canet, screenwriter and actor of the biopic film “Jappeloup”, directed by Christian Duguay, dedicated to the famous horse Jappeloup de Luze, started filming at the end of 2011, in Bordeaux, notably at the Chaban-Delmas stadium. As stated by “South West”, the story is true: “In view of the Seoul Olympics, to prepare and get used to the noise of the crowd his horse Jappeloup, Pierre Durand had brought him to Parc Lescure filled with supporters. It was May 14, 1988, just before the match between the Girondins and Matra Racing. “

Born on March 12, 1975 in the horse farm of Henry Delage in Saint-Seurin in Gironde and died in 1991, Jappeloup is a French saddle horse, show jumping champion, with which the rider Pierre Durand has won over the years. 1980 numerous titles, including those of Olympic champion, European champion and French champion in this discipline. The film was presented at Cannes in 2013, in selection out of competition.

Alongside Guillaume Canet, the film stars Marina Hands, Tchéky Karyo, Daniel Auteuil and the lovely actress of Bordeaux origin, Lou de La age.

« Brice 3 » (2015)

In October 2015, it was in a largely renovated town that the actor from the Médoc, Jean Dujardin, came to surf the reflecting pool for “Brice 3”, decked out in the yellow T-shirt of his character Brice de Nice. . A few scenes were also shot on rue Porte-de-la-Monnaie, rue Camille-Sauvageau, place Stalingrad and on the Pierre Bridge, all secured by a large system of security guards.

The second (and third) episode of the adventures of the “Junkyard King” was also shot in part. in the Médoc, on the Pin Sec beach Naujac-sur-Mer). “Brice 3, I break the 2” will be in theaters in October 2016.