May 13, 2022

Films released in theaters will soon be released faster in streaming

CINEMA – Television channels, broadcasters and cinema stakeholders have reached an agreement on a new media chronology which must be signed at 12:30 p.m. under the aegis of Roselyne Bachelot, this Monday, January 24, we learned from the Ministry of Culture.

A hot topic, the media timeline governs when movies can be released, online and on TV in particular, in the months following their theatrical release. The new agreement, the result of months of negotiations, integrates subscription video platforms for the first time.

These rules, which must protect creation, have been the subject of intense negotiations since the rise of streaming platforms which has upset the situation.

If its terms will only be set in stone after signing, the new agreement should allow Canal +, a major financier of French cinema, to retain its first place in broadcasting, six months after the theatrical release, according to a source familiar with the matter. .

The goal? More money for French cinema

Platforms, such as Disney+, Netflix or Amazon Prime, will come next, depending on their contribution to film production. They will be able to broadcast the films between 12 and 17 months after their release. They will thus pass in front of the free television channels, which will be able to do the same 22 months after the theatrical release, added this source.

Overall, the agreement should allow more money to be injected into French film production, she said.

The organizations representing cinema and Canal+ had already announced in December that they had reached an agreement on the subject, the encrypted channel offering a “guaranteed investment of more than 600 million euros for the next three years in French and European cinema. for Canal+ and Ciné+”, putting a little more pressure to reach an agreement with the platforms.

The latter, like Netflix, demanded a better position in the media timeline in exchange for their creative funding obligations. The stakeholders had to agree before the beginning of February, otherwise the ball would pass into the government’s court to decide.

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