July 4, 2022

facing the flop, the studio sacrifices the film to save the furniture

The reboot Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is a box office failure, and the studio is trying to save the day with a surprise VOD release.

Our review of the Resident Evil reboot movie.

Is there a Santa Claus in the Zombie Kingdom? According to Sony, yes. A few weeks after its release (and its failure) in theaters, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City was released on VOD by the studio, by surprise. The cinema reboot adapted from cult video games thus appeared on the American platforms of VOD, priced at $ 19.99. And at zero euros on all their evil doubles, well known to pirates.

In France, nothing to report. The chronology of the media prevents this special exploitation.

A maneuver that has all of an admission of failure for Sony, since the film Resident Evil is still used in cinemas, where it has been dying for several weeks. Released at the end of November, Welcome to Raccoon City peaks at $ 31 million at the global box office, or the worst score of the saga Resident Evil At the movie theater. And by far.

Finally, to wow the gallery and sell its VOD strategy, Sony simply dropped the first nine minutes of the film..

31 million at the box office, that’s a zombie breadcrumbs compared to the franchise headed by Paul WS Anderson with the indestructible MillAlice Jovovich. In 2002, the very first film grossed over $ 100 million at the box office. The ascent was almost perfect in the suites, until reaching over 314 million for Resident Evil : Chapitre final.

At the domestic box office, central to Hollywood business, Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoon City should stay below the 20 million mark. A score close to 26 million Final chapter, except that he could count on the international box office (and in particular Asian) to counterbalance. Precisely where the new film royally crashes.

Milla defending the honor (or horror) of the fans

A bit of consistency in France, however, since Welcome to Raccoon City confirms the downward slope of the living dead here. The first film drew 1.1 million viewers, and despite renewed interest in Afterlife, the saga ended with around 322,000 admissions. The reboot will follow the trend, with less than 200,000 souls.

The reboot has officially cost around $ 25 million. This is less than all the films with Milla Jovovich (between 30 and 65 million).

Resident Evil : Welcome to Raccoon City : photoWhen you see the Resident Evil torrent appear

At this point, Sony naturally buried all hope on operating theaters. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City came out in all the important territories, where it was very quickly forgotten. Tsunami Spider-Man : No Way Home (who has already started) and Matrix Resurrections (which unfortunately could never happen) leave no room.

VOD therefore remains the last resort, as during Phase 1 of the pandemic. At the start of 2020, several films had thus been shown on VOD after / during their theatrical release, in particular Invisible Man, who had drawn a nice little jackpot.

But VOD is also the last nail in the coffin of the film, now delivered to piracy. Enough to give it a second life as a videoclub 2.0, an ideal destination given its modest B series looks. enough to launch a sequel, as obviously hoped by the producers.