January 29, 2022

Extend Christmas at the cinema: our selection of films to watch at the CGR or at the Maison de la culture de Bourges

If we made a canvas? To escape the log, the chocolates, the heaviness of digestion and end-of-meal discussions …

Currently showing, there are quite a few big budget films, adventure films, and dates for moviegoers. Spoiled for choice.

« The movie that’s ravaging everything at the box office right now is Spiderman, enthuses Dévy Thuillier, director of the CGR de Bourges. In comparison, at this same period in 2019, it was the release of Star Wars. Well, Spiderman realized 20% more admissions, while 2019 was a record year, in terms of attendance, for French cinema. “Tous en scene 2, animated film directed by Garth Jennings and Christophe Lourdelet, at the CGR de Bourges.

A second chance for West Side Story Where Mystery ?

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NL 10

The release, last Wednesday, of the second episode of All on stage should meet the expectations of children. ” He will supplant Charm, the last Disney, predicts the director of the CGR. He will be above in terms of entries. It’s full of images, full of music. ”

Dévy Thuillier is also betting on the new part of Matrix, also released last Wednesday, still with Keanu Reeves. “It is very successful, a cinema film!” “And then, next Wednesday, a new part of King’s Man, “An expected film: it was due out in 2020. It’s a franchise that works well ».

An increase in attendance for the Tuches?

Otherwise, of course the Tuches 4 Where Bodins in Thailand always refuel, even several weeks of operation. ” The Tuches should see an increase in attendance during the holidays, because it’s a Christmas movie, and a family film ”, specifies Dévy Thuillier.West Side Story, film de Steven Spielberg, au CGR Bourges.

In recent weeks, some films, yet expected, have not, according to the director of the CGR de Bourges, found the audience they deserved. This is the case of West Side Story, Steven Spielberg’s new film: “It’s a shame because, there again, it is a film that was made to be seen in theaters. The plans are magnificent. And the original version is amazing. “

Another film that has gone a little unnoticed is Mystery, the story of a young girl and a wolf, “Which challenges adults to the need to save wild animals”.La Panthère des neiges, film by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier, at the Maison de la Culture in Bourges.

Benoît Piederrière, cinema programmer at the Maison de la Culture, believes a lot in the snow leopard, the big screen version of Sylvain Tesson’s book. “It’s one of the must-haves of the moment. The success of the book will carry over to the film. It got off to a good start. In addition, it is a film that has family potential. “

With Léa Seydoux and Denis Podalydès

And then, on December 29, “there is the release of Deception, the new Arnaud Desplechin, an event always eagerly awaited by moviegoers. The Léa Seydoux-Denis Podalydès duo works very well, which was not certain on paper… ”

For Benoît Piederrière, one of the other nuggets of this holiday season is Madeleine Collins, with Virginie Efira. “A film with Hitchcockian overtones. “

Belle for manga fans

The programmer also points Belle, animated film for over 11s, signed by Mamoru Hosoda. The story of Suzu, a young girl with complexes, who in the virtual world turns into Belle, with its five million followers. “For fans of manga”, and not only.

Marie-Claire Raymond

Four. In January, four film teams come to meet the public at the CGR de Bourges. “It shows that Bourges counts in the cinema landscape,” notes Dévy Thuillier. On the menu: January 6, Rumba life by Franck Dubosc; January 17, Irreducible by Jérôme Commandeur; January 21, the stars by Jonathan Barré (2nd film by the Palmashow duo); January 30, Superhero in spite of himself by Philippe Lacheau.