January 29, 2022

Drômois Damien Boyer, director-producer of documentary films (Orawa Production)

Based in Montmeyran, in the Drôme, Orawa Prod was born the day after the first documentaries in the “Tribal Poursuite” series, on the values ​​of the last tribes (Diffusion: France 0, RMC Découverte, Voyage). Since, Orawa Prod also directed the feature film “And I choose to live …”Retracing the path of mourning for Almond, a mother who has just lost her child. Or even “Into the deep”, On volunteering in humanitarian missions. Without forgetting regular reports for Protestant presence through the series “My Faith in Nature”. A commitment which is the hallmark ofOrawa Prod.

It’s been 10 years since I founded the company Orawa Production with my wife Florence. More than a business project, we live it as a real life mission, that of producing films that transform the lives of others and showcase genuine and generous people.

Damien Boyer
Orawa Prod

Accompanied by Madeleine Faux, Damien Boyer tells us about a project that is particularly close to his heart: a 26-minute documentary to encourage volunteering among the most disadvantaged, entitled « Madeleine, mother of the street ».

Madeleine False
Madeleine False
Orawa Prod

The synopsis of the film

Madeleine is 83 years old, and she is a woman with an incredible heart and energy: at her age, she takes care of homeless people and migrants every day at Entraide, a Protestant reception center located in Valence. There, she offers them a hot dish, something to wash, but also and above all, her listening and her love. One of its mottos is “there is more happiness to give than to receive”.

Madeleine has spent her whole life helping others: now a volunteer at Entraide since 1999, she has also been a nurse for 40 years.

Behind her unfailing commitment, perhaps hides the memory of a painful experience: one of her adopted sons died suddenly, a sudden death which her husband did not survive. Widowed at 50, with three young children to raise, Madeleine then chose to heal wounds other than her own, by going to help those most in need.

This little bit of a woman has never been afraid to face the anger of these big fellows who live in the street or in a squat, who in front of her, become again simple kids struggling to listen. Some call her mom, and even if she doesn’t like it too much, she admits that it sometimes allows her to “kick their butt”.

Daughter of a pastor, faith has always held a big place in Madeleine’s life, she is also passionate about music, fan of the slammer Grand Corps Malade!

Why this movie?

Damien Boyer and his team wish to pay tribute to him, by retracing his journey and his daily commitment to those who need it.

Madeleine, a memory to be preserved, but also a face that personifies all these volunteers without whom solidarity would hardly have any reality in our societies.

Thanks to the trust she has placed in the team, it is thus the whole behind the scenes of a certain idea of ​​helping and welcoming the most precarious among us that is revealed in the movie.

The Orawa Production team
The Orawa Production team

A call for donations to bring this project to fruition

Orawa Prod has secured a commitment from France 2 to broadcast this documentary, but funding is still lacking for editing and post-production.

Producer, director, technicians, have been involved for months, with the wish to be able to carry this 26-minute documentary to the end as they imagined it.

So that this film is seen by the greatest number 👉 SUPPORT CAMPAIGN

A preview of the film is organized this Friday, December 17 at 8:30 p.m., 39 Rue Alphonse Daudet in Valence. The screening will be followed by an exchange with the film crew.

The profits of the evening will be donated to Entraide Protestante.

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