January 29, 2022

Don’t Look Up becomes second most viewed movie of all time on Netflix

Eighteen days after its broadcast, Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial becomes Netflix’s second most viewed movie.

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial No matter how weak the world is and how many people refuse to accept the truth, Netflix customers certainly haven’t shied away from the film. In just a week, the film was already a big Christmas 2021 hit with The Witcher. In ten days, it continued to smash all records to become the third most viewed film on the platform (and the one accumulating the most hours seen in a single week).

And the magnetism of Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jonah Hill certainly wasn’t going to end here. After eighteen days of broadcast, Adam McKay’s film has greedily accumulated the hours of viewing, to the point of rising as the streaming giant’s second most-viewed movie of all time.

In the absence of a monetary box office or determinable “inputs” (the joys of streaming), the calculation is made by means of Top 10 Netflix, site made available by the platform to have an overview of the success of its programs. It is then estimated from the cumulative viewing hours, which testify to users’ interest in the film., even if it is still a bit vague. Nevertheless, the difference in figures between the competitors is still telling.

Accumulating 58 million hours of viewing from January 2 to 9, 2022 (first English-language film in the top 10 of the week), Don’t Look Up reached 321 million total viewing hours, largely crushing the score of the previous holder of the second place, Bird Box (282 million hours of viewing). A climb all the more impressive as Don’t Look Up did it in just over two weeks of existence.

Look for the Money

Before the arrival of Top 10 Netflix, the first big assessment of a film was 28 days after its release date. Before this assessment, there are therefore ten days Don’t Look Up to continue to explode the records of the platform, knowing thatit only remains for him to dethrone Red Notice, which accounts for 364 million hours of viewing over 28 days.

So you still have the opportunity to participate in the victory against these big bakable fish that are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.