January 25, 2022

Disney + supports SharePlay to watch movies / series with others via FaceTime

Disney + announces that its iPhone, iPad and Apple TV application now supports SharePlay, which makes it possible to watch films, series and documentaries with others thanks to FaceTime. SharePlay requires at least iOS 15.1 (or tvOS 15.1 on Apple TV).

SharePlay is coming to Disney +

The idea is to be able to watch a program on Disney + as a group, all with good synchronization so that everyone is at the same level. Disney advises that its entire catalog is eligible for this new feature, be it the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more universes.

It is possible to organize sessions for up to 32 people. Each participant can choose their preferred language, whether for audio or subtitles. Upon arrival, everyone will be in sync, regardless of language. The most important thing is that the video is on the same level with everyone.

Once everyone has joined the FaceTime call, any user can launch SharePlay by opening the Disney + app and playing the desired content. SharePlay sessions offer shared playback controls such as play, pause, fast forward, and rewind.

“We are very excited to launch SharePlay on Disney + for Apple users in time for the holidays and ahead of several highly anticipated releases.”said Jerrell Jimerson, executive vice president of product and design for streaming at Mickey’s company. “With thousands of movies and series, and a growing content catalog of new titles and originals, SharePlay offers another opportunity for personal friends and family around the world to come together and create new memories with their loved ones. favorite stories on Disney + ».

The Disney + update is available now for download from the App Store.