January 25, 2022

Disney +: Star Wars movies, series, programs not to be missed in December 2021

News culture Disney +: Star Wars movies, series, programs not to be missed in December 2021

This month of December, rich in classics and essentials of the end of the year celebrations, also sees the arrival of the eagerly awaited series The Book of Boba Fett, which illustrates the famous mercenary of the Star Wars saga. Disney + has reserved a varied program for us which is aimed at all audiences.

The Big Leap

Inspired by the British reality show called Big Ballet, the new series The Big Leap features actors who play very different characters who want to get a second chance or make their dreams come true by participating in a reality show. The series deals with themes such as acceptance and assertiveness, regained freedom, especially when one manages to free oneself from the ideals of beauty imposed by society.
We find the actress Simone Recasner who plays Gabby Lewis, a young woman who saw her dream of becoming a professional dancer shattered by a pregnancy that occurred right after high school. She leads a bland office worker life when she sees the ad offering to participate in the casting of The Big Leap. Gabby then discovers that her ex-boyfriend and ex-dance partner named Justin Calgrove is also participating in the auditions. This role is held by the actor Raymond Cham Jr. (Five Points). The other competitors are notably embodied by Ser’Darius Blain (Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle) as an American football star threatened with delisting from the NFL; Anna Grace Barlow, who notably distinguished herself in Les Goldberg, embodies a ballroom dancer with a particularly developed competitive spirit, teaming up with her twin brother; Jon Rudnitsky (Catch-22) stars as Mike Devries, a depressed and unemployed mechanic his wife has left; Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs, Coyote Girls), takes on the role of Paula Clark, a hyper-dynamic executive; finally Teri Polo (My Stepfather and I) who plays Julia Perkins, an ex-ballerina who seems not to interest her family and who finds the attention she lacks on social media.

  • Available December 1 on Disney +

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Disney +: Star Wars movies, series, programs not to be missed in December 2021

Tribute from the director Lasse Halström to the tale ofHoffmann as well as to the ballet of the Russian composer Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms takes up an essential story during the American holiday season. The film makes its debut on Disney + in December, in order to join the programs dedicated to this festive period and be integrated into the titles to be viewed with the family in Europe for subscribers to the streaming service. We follow the adventures of Clara (role played by Mackenzie foy, having notably played in Interstellar and Black Beauty), a young girl who finds herself in a parallel world of which her deceased mother was the sovereign. This world is made up of four magical realms which are named the Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers, Land of Candy and Land of Entertainment. Also in the cast Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean, Berlin I lov you), Helen Mirren (Fast and Furious 9, Anna) et Morgan Freeman, the actor with the impressive filmography, which was illustrated in particular in the film Seven and the series The Story of God, directed by National Geographic, currently available on Disney +.

  • Available December 1 on Disney +


Disney +: Star Wars movies, series, programs not to be missed in December 2021

Initially a series of illustrated novels for children, Diary of a Wimpy Kid becomes an animated film directed by Swinton Scott (the Futurama series), of which Jeff Kinney, the author of the eponymous novels, is the producer and screenwriter. In this new original Disney + production, the main character is played by Zachary Gordon, who has notably appeared in the Good Doctor and Star Wars Rebels series. The young actor plays Greg Heffley, a teenager who overflows with imagination and who wants to become rich and famous. Adapted from the first book in the series of novels by Jeff Kinney, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid invites us to follow this teenager who, before succeeding in reaching his goal, must manage to survive his college years alongside his best friend Rowley, one of the most popular students. Throughout his adventures, Greg writes in his journal all his attempts, each more imaginative than the other, to integrate, without convincing results, but the young man also discovers the value of friendship and the satisfaction provided by combat. against injustices. The Journal of a Deflated has 16 volumes to date and the saga is still ongoing, while their publication follows the pace of a novel each year. Jeff Kinney’s work appeals to all age groups, because it appeals to a period that many readers live or have experienced, it tells the story of adolescence with humor, while addressing themes such as the image that we would like to refer to others the difficulty of forging a future that is close to our dreams, as well as the complexity that relationships with those around them can represent, all the more so during the critical period of adolescence.

  • Available December 3 on Disney +

Welcome to Earth

Disney +: Star Wars movies, series, programs not to be missed in December 2021

Disney + Original documentary series co-produced by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a dream, Black Swan) for National Geographic, Welcome to Earth consists of six episodes which will begin airing on Disney + in December. We follow the actor of Will Smith (Men in Black, I am a legend, Bad Boys for life …) during his discovery of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world, in the company of the greatest contemporary explorers. The actor gives his person to be at the forefront of these still unknown phenomena: climbing, scuba diving, descent into abyssal caves, Will Smith surveys landscapes as impressive as they are varied and shares his enthusiasm in the face of volcanoes in eruption, endless deserts, beautiful marine shows and many other rare phenomena to discover.

  • Available December 8 on Disney +

The Book of Boba Fett

Disney +: Star Wars movies, series, programs not to be missed in December 2021

The famous mercenary Boba Fett continues to be talked about in the new Lucasfilm series which will be broadcast at the rate of one episode per week. Entitled The Book of Boba Fett, the saga invites us to follow this skilled bounty hunter who is none other than the one who captured Han Solo on behalf of Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars: The Empire strikes back. He then disappeared in Return of the Jedi, then made a comeback in season 2 of the series. The Mandalorian, broadcast on Disney +. Now embodied by Temuera Morrison (Aquaman, Invaders), Boba Fett is accompanied in his peregrinations by the mercenary Fennec Shang met in The Mandalorian and played by Ming-Na Wen, an actress who has distinguished herself in the television series Urgences and more recently in the feature films The Darkness and Mulan. In The Book of Boba Fett, these two characters return to the middle of the Tatooine dunes to claim the territory once held by Jabba the Hutt. While waiting for the arrival of the series at the end of December, the documentary Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett is still available for subscribers to the Diney + service.

  • Available December 29 on Disney +

Other programs to follow

  • The Big Leap (December 1 on on Disney +)
  • Raising Hope – seasons 1 to 4 (December 1 on on Disney +)
  • The adventures of Mickey and his friends! – season 1 (December 1 on on Disney +)
  • The Battle for the Planet of the Apes (December 3 on on Disney +)
  • Mixed-ish – seasons 1 and 2 (December 8 on on Disney +)
  • American Dad (December 8 on on Disney +)
  • So be they – seasons 1 to 3 (December 8 on on Disney +)
  • Disney Princess Remixed, the great princess party (December 10 on on Disney +)
  • Foodtastic (December 15 on on Disney +)
  • Dr. Harrow – saison 3 (December 15 on on Disney +)
  • Malcolm – seasons 1 to 5 (December 15 on on Disney +)
  • Criminal Minds: Unity Without Borders – Seasons 1 to 2 (December 15 on on Disney +)
  • PJ Masks – season 4 (December 15 on on Disney +)
  • The Fosters – saison 2 (December 15 on on Disney +)
  • Arendelle Castle Yule Log : Cut Paper Edition (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Cleopatra (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Slaying the Badger (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • This Magic Moment (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Al Davis vs. The NFL (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Big Shot (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Brian and the Boz (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Broke (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Fantastic Lies (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Small Potatoes : Who Killed the USFL ? (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Angry Sky (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Little stupid game (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • The Band That Wouldn’t Die (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • The Best That Never Was (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • Run Ricky Run (December 17 on on Disney +)
  • The Favorite Years (December 22 on on Disney +)
  • Mary Poppins Returns (December 22 on on Disney +)
  • The world of Bingo and Rolly – season 2 (December 22 on on Disney +)
  • Car SOS – season 9 (December 22 on on Disney +)
  • Paddington 1 & 2 (December 24 on on Disney +)
  • Alvin et les Chipmunks 1, 2 & 3 (December 24 on on Disney +)
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Go all out (December 24 on on Disney +)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (December 24 on on Disney +)
  • Boule & Bill (December 27 on on Disney +)
  • The Choe Show (December 29 on on Disney +)
  • Test of a Tribe – Season 5 (December 29 on on Disney +)
  • Derek DelGaudio as himself (December 31 on on Disney +)
  • Fight Club (December 31 on on Disney +)
  • Gone Girl (December 31 on on Disney +)
  • Cave (December 31 on on Disney +)
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