July 4, 2022

Disney +: an excellent series and film to watch or re-watch tonight

Nothing like sitting in front of Disney + to find a good program to watch in the evening. The streaming giant has a well-filled catalog, with a multitude of films and series for all moods, and for all audiences.

To help you navigate this important choice, the editorial staff of CNET France has selected two very different programs for you, to suit everyone’s desires.

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This Thursday evening, we recommend the adventure blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean, and the intriguing series Moloch.

What movies and series can I watch or watch again tonight on Disney +?

A blockbuster adventure: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


18th century. In the Caribbean Sea, a buccaneer named Jack Sparrow sees his life turned upside down when his enemy, Captain Barbossa, steals his boat, the Black Pearl. With it, he attacks the city of Port Royal and kidnaps Elizabeth Swann, the governor’s daughter. Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, the girl’s childhood friend, set off after the captain …

CNET France’s opinion

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is one of the great blockbusters of the 2000s, and it’s very likely you’ve seen it as a kid. But like all good adventure films, it gets better with age, and its availability on Disney + is a good opportunity to review it.

This first part of the franchise is indeed still a great pleasure, even 20 years after its release. The staging is ambitious and generous, and the film multiplies the twirling sequences with mastery. Director Gore Verbinski (The mouse, Rank, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3) thus demonstrates ingenuity and a keen sense of the epic to breathe life into this pirate film, a genre that is not yet popular.

Drawing with care and mischief in the folklore of the world of piracy, the film takes us on a fascinating and entertaining story, full of twists and turns, recalling with delight the great adventure films of the 60s and 70s. a fair use of special effects, to leave even more room for the imagination of the viewer.

Of course, the film also and above all works thanks to the performance of Johnny Depp, pooch, joker and mischievous Jack Sparrow. This anti-hero brings the right amount of humor and absurdity to a story so surprisingly filled with poetry and emotion.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl remains after all this time one of the great successes of the blockbuster of the 2000s, thanks to a fine writing of character, a respect for the mythology of the genre, and an epic and generous staging. An adventure that has all of the most beautiful of attractions, and which should make you want to see the rest of the trilogy again. Without necessarily having to go further.

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A dramatic and enigmatic series: Moloch


In a seemingly unremarkable coastal town, people suddenly and mysteriously flare up. As the horror and misunderstanding escalate, Louise, a journalist, and Gabriel, a psychiatrist, will investigate to uncover the truth of the events.

CNET France’s opinion

Moloch is a little-known series but which turns out to be a nice surprise. Even if it is not particularly feel-good, it captivates with its intriguing seaside atmosphere, the scene of a thick mystery.

Throughout its 6 episodes of 52 minutes, the series catches us effectively by its investigation, and especially by what it tells about the human being, the community and the society in general. His mix of policeman and supernatural also gives him a full identity.

Moloch is a program of few words, where the characters are finely conceived, well embodied and where the dialogues are subtly written. The cast, including the excellent Marine Vacth and Olivier Gourmet, also delivers a first-rate performance.

Even if the pace is rather slow, the staging and the successful atmosphere of the show ends up convincing. Finally, Moloch is an atypical series that is worth the detour that we warmly advise you to discover.

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