July 2, 2022

Disney +: 2 “feel good” films to watch tonight

In the middle of the week of preparing for Christmas, it can be nice to take a break and sit down to a Disney + movie or series. And the editorial staff of CNET France is there to help you find the right movies and series in the SVoD streaming platform catalog.

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For this Tuesday evening, we recommend two “feel good” films that will undoubtedly give you a smile: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Dead Poets Society.

What movies to watch or watch again on Disney + tonight?

A stimulating and inspiring film: The Dream Life of Walter Mitty


Walter Mitty is a modest and timid person in charge of the negative archives of Life magazine. Tired of his monotonous life, he does not even dare to approach his colleague Cheryl whom he particularly appreciates, and he flees reality in heroic reveries. As his job is threatened, he decides to take courage until tomorrow and take action in his real life.

CNET France’s opinion

Are you feeling a little tired and demotivated? Don’t panic, it happens to everyone, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the movie for you. The perfect example of a program to watch to get back on your feet and start 2022 with renewed energy and optimism!

Adapted from James Thurber’s short story of the same name published in 1939, the film speaks to that little part of us who wants to get out of the daily grind, and who craves follies and adventure. An inspiring story ideal for dreamers, who follows a simple office worker lacking courage, and who will decide to take the plunge.

In the lead role, Ben Stiller moves away from his usual comedic characters to deliver a more tender and bittersweet score, endearing and truly poignant. He gives his Walter Mitty a gentleness and a humanity that will speak to everyone. On his way, the character will meet a gallery of supporting roles and various characters, sometimes exuberant, sometimes of a disturbing authenticity, embodied by a high quality cast: Sean Penn, Kristen Wigg, Adam Scott, Shirley MacLaine, Patton Oswalt. ..

What’s more, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty handles the right mix between genres, oscillating between comic and supernatural moments, adventure with exotic settings, and charming romantic comedy. With in its bag some poignant scenes, which will certainly pick you up, and may even make you think about this vast and eternal question of the meaning of life.

An excellent inspiring, dense, generous, anti-depressant and “feel good” film, and one of the editorial staff’s latest favorites. To discover absolutely if it has not already been done!

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A timeless classic: The Circle of Missing Poets


Todd Anderson is a rather shy and reserved boy who was sent to the prestigious Welton Academy, reputed to be one of the most austere in the United States. It is in this reputedly strict university that he will meet a rather atypical professor of English letters, Mr. Keating, who encourages his students to reflect and reject the established order. The teacher’s class will turn the lives of Todd and his classmates upside down.

CNET France’s opinion

Cinema classic and inspirational film monument, Dead Poets Society has not lost any of its strength and relevance, more than 30 years after its release. All this thanks in particular to the power of its universal purpose, and the quality of the services of its excellent cast.

Directed by the brilliant Peter Weir (Witness, The Truman Show, Master and Commander), the film is a social fable which plays on the effective motor of the questioning of authority and old-fashioned conventions, to recall the importance of emotions and instinct in poetry, vocation and life in general. Powerful themes that refer to the essence of what drives us as human beings, and which necessarily speak to us.

If the structure of the progressive and revolutionary professor in a conservative structure has aged a little over time, and sometimes lacks nuances, it must be admitted that the whole still works very well. An authenticity to be credited to Robin Williams, who by his verve and freshness, exudes a contagious and stimulating energy. The rest of the cast aptly combines the young talents of the time (Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard) and the great actors (Norman Lloyd, Kurtwood Smith).

Dead Poets Society is a cult and timeless film, which will give back the flame and the inspiration to the most unmotivated among you. An excellent feature film bursting with iconic, thought-provoking and finely written scenes, and the perfect program for the holiday season.

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