July 7, 2022

Debates, films, workshops, wall of shame: a week to talk about equality in Le Havre

The University of Le Havre is organizing, from November 24, a “week of equality”. Theater, debate, film screenings and various workshops are on the program. (©Archives 76actu)

We will talk about social inequalities as well as sexual or gender discrimination, or racism or disability. For the first time, the University of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) is organizing a ” equality week “: Three days in reality to tackle these questions” through a series of events ranging from the popularization of science to the festive event “(a DJ Set is on the program) presents Jean-Noël Castorio, vice-president in charge of the organization of the event.

Workshops of all kinds

Open to the general public, the initiative will take place on the various sites of the university and in many forms. A ” wall of shame “, on which everyone can come and display discriminating reflections that they have heard or suffered, will be installed at the student’s house, but also in the hall of the IUT of Caucriauville.

A mosaic of student and staff portraits will be displayed “to show the diversity of the university today”, and self-defense workshops will be offered at various times throughout the week.

The artist Solène Langlais will also lead a workshop called “a thousand billion slogans”. Its principle? Allow participants to reclaim, via the “cut-up” technique, slogans drawn from the banners and signs of feminist movements, Black lives matter…. which have set the pace in recent months. Cut out in this way, these words will form new personalized messages, to be displayed on a tote-bag.

Meetings, screening and DJ evening

Among the great highlights is the coming of Martin Winckler, doctor and author of numerous books denouncing gynecological violence and inequalities in the health system, who will host a conference on Wednesday on “how to treat each person equitably”. A little earlier, the proposed meeting with Thierry Le Gloanic, swimmer and Paralympic champion, should also attract people.

Thursday, a performance of the play is also planned. La Hchouma, of the company Le Chat Foin (a second will take place on Friday), which questions how to live your homosexuality in a Muslim family, but also in the virile world of the suburbs, the screening of Detroit, by Karthyn Bigelow, who looks back on the race riots that shook the city in 1976, in partnership with the Cannibale Peluche association, or a DJ evening planned at the BU, led by Glitter, who mixes world music.

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On Friday, the event will end with a “meeting of equality” with the students, who will write a white paper at their conclusion containing a series of concrete proposals intended to fight against inequalities within the university.

Practice. Equality Week, Wednesday 24, Thursday 25 and Friday 26 November 2021 at the University of Le Havre. Free. Health pass required for certain appointments. Complete program by clicking on this link.

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