May 22, 2022

David Lynch joins the cast of Steven Spielberg’s next film

The American director and artist joins the cast of The Fabelmans, an autobiographical film by Steven Spielberg. David Lynch’s latest feature film, Inland Empire, dates back to 2007.

The Fabelmans will mark the first collaboration between the two giants of American cinema, Steven Spielberg (ET the Extra-Terrestrial, Indiana Jones, Schindler’s List) et David Lynch (Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive). Lynch, whose screen appearances are still relatively rare, thus joins an already well-rounded cast: Michelle Williams and Paul Dano, who will play the parents of Sammy Fabelman (Spielberg’s alter ego inspired by his childhood in Arizona), while Seth Rogen will play his favorite uncle. Lynch’s role, however, is kept secret. It is neither more nor less than the first film since AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001) for which Spielberg signs the screenplay, with the support of the famous playwright Tony Kushner (Munich, Lincoln, West Side Story), who received a Pulitzer Prize for his play Angels in America (1991). The output of The Fabelmans is scheduled for November 23 in the United States.

David Lynch and Miguel Ferrer in Twin Peaks – The Return (2017) © Suzanne Tenner / Showtime

Outstanding filmmaker David Lynch won the Palme d’Or in 1990 for Sailor & Lula. Apart from the sinking of the adaptation of Dune in 1984, Lynch’s films are considered surrealist masterpieces and have left a lasting mark on the imagination of moviegoers: Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, or the cult series Twin Peaks (HBO). But his last film, Inland Empire (2007) ended in commercial failure and led the director to devote himself to other activities: photography, lithographs, music, painting, but also transcendental meditation, which he taught to disadvantaged students and victims of stress. post-traumatic through the David Lynch Foundation… In 2007, an exhibition – The Air is on Fire – is dedicated to him at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. In 2011, the filmmaker released his first solo album, Crazy Clown Time, then a second in 2013, The Big Dream. It will be necessary to wait until 2017 to see Lynch return behind the camera with the third season of Twin Peaks, of which he directs the 18 episodes.

Last I heard, Lynch was set to potentially direct a new original series for Netflix, Unrecorded Night, but it’s not impossible that the streaming giant simply canceled the project.