May 12, 2022

Channing Tatum: these two films that the actor regrets having shot

Channing Tatum will soon be back in “The Secret of the Lost City” and “Dog”. In recent years, the actor has needed to take a break from his career, after having chained several films in which he considers not to be up to par.

2022: the big comeback of Channing Tatum

Since 2017 and the releases of Kingsman : Le Cercle d’or and Logan Lucky, Channing Tatum has become rare on the screens. The actor has not completely disappeared, since he notably lent his voice to several animated films, Yeti & Company, The Lego Great Adventure 2 and America: The movies. Last year, the comedian also made a hilarious cameo in Free Guy, alongside Ryan Reynolds. Nevertheless, the star is not most appeared as a headliner in a project.

2022 will therefore mark the great return of Channing Tatum. If he unfortunately had to mourn Gambit, the actor will land in cinemas on April 20 with the adventure film The Secret of the Lost City, where he gives the reply to Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe and Brad Pitt. In this feature film directed by Adam and Aaron Nee, he lends his features to a model who wants to prove to himself that he is capable of being as brave as on the covers of novels for which he poses.

The Secret of the Lost City © Paramount Pictures

The actor also co-directed the buddy movie Dog with Reid Carolin, in which he teams up with a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, thus proclaiming loud and clear his love for dogs. Channing Tatum therefore seems to have made a break to come back better and remind the world of his comedic talents.

An omnipresent actor

In the 2010s, the actor is particularly prolific. He is particularly famous in the peplum (The Eagle of the Ninth Legion), romance (I promise you), schoolboy comedy (21 Jump Street), the Hitchcock thriller (Side effects) or the drama inspired by a news item (Foxcatcher). He films under the direction of renowned filmmakers, from Steven Soderbergh to Quentin Tarantino, including the Wachowski sisters and the Coen brothers. An omnipresence because of which the actor makes a hollywood overdose.

In a long portrait by Variety, Channing Tatum returns to the reasons for his withdrawal. A little too greedy, the star felt the need to take a break after appearing in no less than 25 films between 2010 and 2017. The actor explains as follows:

I felt like the fat boy at the buffet, just working and working and working. I made four films in a row without any free time. I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be in the last two movies because I didn’t have enough energy.

Jupiter – The Fate of the Universe : “a nightmare”

The actor reveals that the two feature films he regrets filming are 22 Jump Street and Jupiter: Fate of the Universe. Channing Tatum is not kind to the Wachowski sisters’ sci-fi film, to which he obviously participated in the pain. He clarifies in this regard:

Jupiter: Fate of the Universe was a nightmare from the start. It was a film where everything went wrong. We were all there for seven months, killing ourselves at work. It was hard.

An implication that unfortunately did not pay off. Lambasted by critics, the blockbuster brought in only $183.9 million in worldwide revenue, against an estimated budget of $176 million. A failure that only reinforced the bitterness of the team, starting with that of Channing Tatum.