January 23, 2022

César 2022: Brittany in the spotlight with 6 shortlisted films! Brittany Cinema: Brittany Cinema

Discover the films produced and / or shot in Brittany preselected for the César 2022.

For the César for Best Documentary Short:

  • The Coil 11004, short documentary film directed by Mirabelle Fréville and produced by Les 48 ° Rugissants (a company based in Brittany) and En Roue Libre with the support of Bretagne Cinéma (financial assistance from the Brittany Region) and the Brouillon d’un rêve scholarship (SCAM ) in partnership with the CNC and in co-production with ViaVosges as well as all the donors of Proarti 2020.
    Résumé : In 1946, eight months after the atomic bombings, a US Army film crew made a feature-length documentary in Japan. Several reels are shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki including the 11004.

  • Maelbeek, short documentary film directed by Ismael Joffroy-Chandoutis and produced by Films Grand Huit (a company based in Brittany).
    The film benefited from France 3 pre-purchase, DICRéAM development aid from the CNC, Pictanovo development aid, and post-production aid Ile-de-France Region with the support of CentQuatre-Paris , du Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts.
    Résumé : Survivor but with amnesia of the attack at the Maalbeek metro station on March 22, 2016 in Brussels, Sabine seeks the missing image of an over-publicized event of which she has no memory.

For the César for Best animated short film:

Trona Pinnacles, animated short film directed by Mathilde Parquet (based in Brittany) and produced by Girelle Productions
Synopsis : Gabrielle, a nineteen-year-old girl, finds herself trapped near Death Valley between her two parents who no longer speak to each other. All three, feeling trapped, try to escape the ambient tension, in an immense setting which seems immutable to them. The situation seems hopeless, until an unexpected event comes to defuse everything.

For the César for best short fiction film:

  • Bad boys, short film directed by Elie Girard and produced by Films Grand Huit (a company based in Brittany).
    Synopsis : Fries, beers and stories of Tinder “dates” … Abandoned by their friend about to be a dad, two in their thirties try to reinvent their friendship.

  • The Nightwalk, short film directed by Adriano Valerio and produced by Films Grand Huit (a company based in Brittany)
    Synopsis : Jarvis has just moved to Shanghai, when he is suddenly confined to his still empty apartment. He finds it hard to cope with loneliness, he plunges into very dark thoughts and a state of deep anxiety. The only way to save yourself from your nightmares is to escape and cross the deserted city to reach a friend’s house.

For the César for Most Promising Actress:

Pauline Parigot in the feature film Brothers in arms directed by Sylvain Labrosse (based in Brittany) and produced by La Vie Est Belle, Oriflamme Fims, co-produced by Paris Brest Productions (company based in Brittany).
Due to the health situation, the film’s release was postponed. Originally scheduled for December 23, 2020, the film was finally released on July 14, 2021.
Synopsis : Emilijan and his younger brother Stanko are linked by a childhood secret that forced them to leave their homeland. Today, Emilijan has perfectly integrated in France. He works in the port area of ​​Brest and has a love affair with Gabrielle. Stanko, on the other hand, lives in nostalgia for the past and impatiently waits to return to the country to find their former life there. Everything changes the day Emilijan tells him that he no longer wants to leave …
With Vincent Rottiers, Kévin Azaïs, Pauline Parigot, …

Photo credit: Alban Teurlai / Falabracks for the Académie des César and Chanel. Photo of Pauline Parigot taken during the Revelations evening held on January 10, 2022.

Pauline Parigot plays the role of Gabrielle. Granddaughter of Guy Parigot, actor, director and co-founder of the Center dramatique de l’Ouest and the Grand Huit (now the Théâtre National de Bretagne), Pauline Parigot was born in Rennes and played the main role of the feature film The Lendemains produced by Bénédicte Pagnot (based in Rennes), produced by the company .Mille et une. Films (based in Rennes), released in 2012 and shot in Brittany. This role had already earned him a selection for the Caesar.

She also starred in movies Midwife directed by Martin Provost and Baby balloon directed by Stephan Liberski as well as in the series Ghosts.

Brothers in arms turned in April 2017 partly in Brittany, in Brest and surroundings. Technicians (production manager, 1st assistant director, 1st assistant operator, sound engineer, boom operator, general manager, decorator, casting director, etc.), service providers, actors and extras. Breton people took part in the filming.

Supported by Bretagne Cinéma, the film received financial assistance from the Brittany Region (in partnership with the CNC) and personalized support from Accueil des tournages. In partnership with MEDIA Développement, Breizh Film Fund, La Région Pays de la Loire, the CNC, Fonds Images de la Diversité, Procirep and Angoa, CICLIC, Backup Media, and the Beaumarchais foundation.

At the end of the first round of voting scheduled for January 25, the films with the highest number of votes will be nominated. The Cesar Ceremony will take place on February 25 at the Olympia in Paris and will be broadcast unencrypted on Canal + from 9 p.m.


Please note: AGM Factory, partly located in Brittany, is a candidate for the César & Techniques Trophy. This trophy rewards a company in the technical cinema sector in France, for its ability to promote an event or a development strategy that is particularly synergistic with the cinema sector, or a particular contribution to cinematographic creation during the past year.
The Cesar & Techniques Ceremony should take place on January 19.

Bretagne Cinéma congratulates the preselected and wishes them good luck!

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