January 26, 2022

“Breton” films in the spotlight at the Premiers Plans Festival in Angers · Bretagne Cinéma: Bretagne Cinéma

The 34th edition will take place from January 24 to 30, 2022. 5 projects linked to Brittany are selected.

Come (re) discover in the “European feature films” competition:

Flee is an animated documentary written by the Danish-French director Jonas Poher Rasmussen which weaves a formidable narrative by associating the very real testimony of his friend Amin (a pseudonym to respect his desire for anonymity), 2D animation and archives.
It is a European co-production between Denmark, France, Sweden and Norway. Co-production between Roll on Monday! (Breton company), Final Cut For Real, Sun Creature Studio, Mostfilms and Mer Film.

Already multi-awarded (grand prize at Sundance 2021, Cristal du feature film at FIFA Annecy 2021, 3 European Film Awards 2021,…) the film is eligible for Oscar nominations 2022 in the categories: Best foreign film and Best documentary.

Synopsis : Flee is the true story of a man who confronts his past in order to better approach his future. When he arrived in Denmark, Amin was an unaccompanied minor from Afghanistan. Today, he is an installed academic who is going to marry the man who has shared his life for a long time. But, a secret he has been hiding for more than 20 years threatens to ruin everything Amin has patiently built since arriving in Copenhagen. For the first time, he decides to share his story with Jonas, a close friend.

Breton technicians worked on this documentary feature. The Rennes studio Nobody is perfect was in charge of all the creation of the sets and the compositing and of the French executive production.

Supported by Bretagne Cinéma, the film received financial assistance from the Brittany Region (in partnership with the CNC).

Photo credit: Vivement Lundi! / Final Cut For Real / Sun Creature Studio / Mostfilms / Mer Film

Bruno Reidal is the first feature film by Vincent Le Port, screenwriter and director of Breton origin. It is produced by Capricci and co-produced by Stank (Breton company).

Vincent Le Port graduated from La Fémis in directing. He co-founded the production company Stank with which he develops his projects including “Le Gouffre” (Jean Vigo Short Film Prize in 2016). “Bruno Reidal” is his first feature film.

Synopsis : Cantal, September 1, 1905. A 17-year-old seminarian is arrested for the murder of a 12-year-old child. To understand his gesture, doctors ask him to recount his life from his childhood until the day of the crime. Based on the true story of Bruno Reidal, a young peasant from Cantal who, all his life, fought against his murderous impulses.

Photo credit: Capricci / Stank

Come (re) discover in competition “French short films”:


Black-Sun is a short film (20 min) in animated painting directed by the Breton painter and videographer Marie Larrivé.
It is produced by Eddy Production, co-produced by Respiro Productions (Breton production company).

Synopsis : Following an earthquake, the body of a man is discovered in the Bay of Naples. Police say the man committed suicide 40 years ago. In search of her identity, she contacts Dino and her daughter, Victoria, for a DNA test. During this unexpected trip to one another, the young girl unearths her father’s mysterious past while Dino immerses himself, in spite of himself, in the landscapes of his childhood.

Breton technicians Morgane Le Péchon (animator and colorist) and Maël Oudin (composer) took part in the film.

Supported by Bretagne Cinéma, the film received financial assistance from the Brittany Region (in partnership with the CNC).

Photo credit: Eddy Production

Come (re) discover in preview

Young lovers

Young lovers is a feature film directed by Carine Tardieu, written by Solveig Anspach, Agnès de Sacy and Carine Tardieu. It is co-produced by Ex nihilo, Karé Productions.

Synopsis : Shauna, 70, free and independent, has put her love life aside. However, she is disturbed by the presence of Pierre, this 45-year-old man she had just met years earlier. And against all odds, Pierre does not see in her “a woman of a certain age”, but a desirable woman whom he is not afraid to love. Except that Pierre is married and the father of a family.

It is a “shared” shoot like the film: Shauna lives in Paris but spends time in Ireland, Pierre works in Lyon but meets Shauna in Paris. The shooting therefore took place between the Lyon region, Paris, and Brittany, disguised as Ireland on this occasion. The film was shot in Finistère, in Crozon and Plomeur, in September 2020, for the Breton part. Breton technicians took part in the filming.

Supported by Bretagne Cinéma, the film received financial support from the Brittany Region (in partnership with the CNC) and personalized support from the filming reception.

The theatrical release is scheduled for February 2, 2022. The film is distributed by Diaphana.

Photo credit: Ex nihilo / Karé Productions

Come and discover at Ateliers d’Angers:

The ghosts

The ghosts is a feature film project by Jonathan Millet, written by Jonathan Millet and Florence Rochat and produced by Films Grand Huit (Breton production company).

Synopsis : Hamid is part of a group of Syrian citizens who left everything to hunt down war criminals. They scour Europe in search of the fugitive regime officials. Against the advice of the group, Hamid follows alone in Strasbourg the trail of Harfaz, his former executioner.

This film received development aid from the Brittany Region in 2021 and Jonathan Millet developed his project within the 2021 annual Selection of the West Group.

Photo credit: DR

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