May 14, 2022

Box office France: Spider-Man still in the lead, a French film ahead of Scream – Actus Ciné

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Two novelties arrive on the podium this week, Farewell Mr. Haffman and Scream, but they fail to dislodge Spider-Man from the first place.

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Spider-Man : No Way Home continues to cling to the top of the box office again and again. With 310,286 additional tickets sold, the Spinner film now has 6,444,355 admissions, barely less than Sam Raimi’s very first Spider-Man (6,477,438). It is now the biggest success at the French box office since Frozen 2 (7.4 million) and ahead of Star Wars IX (6.2 million).

Just behind, Farewell Mr. Haffman queen the pawn Scream. The film carried by Daniel Auteuil and Gilles Lellouche achieves a very good score for its first week of operation by attracting 261,930 spectators, which therefore allows it to do better than the American horror blockbuster.

The fifth film dedicated to Ghostface won only 212,555 French people, the worst result of the saga in the first week. If the very first Scream had done barely better in 1997 (335,687), the following had aroused the curiosity of more fans, in particular the third (1,395,626).

The only other novelty to enter the top 10 is Ouistreham, led by Juliette Binoche, who won over 126,975 spectators and is therefore in sixth position. We then find Waiting for Bojangles which tumbles from second place to seventh for a total of 353,985 admissions.

animated movies All on stage 2 and Charm continue to federate the public. The first is now at 2,147,464 tickets sold and the second could well get 2.8 million. In the other continuations, Les Tuche 4 should end up exceeding 2.5 million admissions, far from the 5.6 of the third opus. Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, meanwhile, only topped 550,000 this week.

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Source: CBO Boxoffice and Boxoffice Pro