July 2, 2022

an unexpected director would very much want to make a movie about the superheroine

In the long line of “Which author would like to rub shoulders with a superhero movie?”, A new potential candidate has entered the arena for Batgirl.

While Marvel and DC superhero films are popular with the general public, their consideration is quite different in the cinephile sphere, part of which is weighed by their over-representation in the market. It is a debate that has already raged in the “Scorsese vs Marvel” debacle, and which has led various media to question authors with quite an explosive profile with the genre, to know their interest in making a film.

If a good bunch of them do not imagine at all filming stars in pantyhose retouched with slobbering CGI shots, others manage to surprise us. This time, we not only have Pedro Almodóvar who is interested in a superhero movie, but he also knows which one he wants: Batgirl. Yep, this is the same Pedro Almodovar who found superhero movies lacking in sex to be believable.

Legend has it that The Killing Joke’s Batman / Batgirl relationship inspired him

At the microphone of Variety, between two anecdotes to promote his next film Parallel mothers, the director of Pain and Glory answered the endless media question:

“I would love to do something with Batgirl, but it would have to be done my way.”

In other words, Almodovar requires total creative freedom, something almost impossible in such a calibrated industry than that of superheroes (although DC has tried a little more since the failures of Justice League). That said, it would be fun to see a director so focused on intimacy, feelings and sexuality expose a concept for a film. Batgirl in a meeting of Warner Bros. executives. (if only to see their faces).

photo“Thank you, Mr. Almodovar, but his preferred position does not interest us”

Anyway, a movie Batgirl on HBO Max is already in the pipeline. With Leslie Grace as the Bat-Crusader, the very likely return of JK Simmons as James Gordon (Barbara Gordon’s father, aka Batgirl), and Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Bad Boys for Life) as directors, not sure that Warner’s pundits need the lights of the Spanish director at this stage.

Without precision, the film is scheduled for 2022. It remains to be seen, after viewing, whether Almodovar’s proposal will be missed.