January 26, 2022

Amazon Prime Video: Your Best Movies, CNET & Media Reviews – December 2021

This selection was updated on 12/15 with the best films from the Prime Video catalog as of December 2021.

After Netflix, it’s Amazon Prime Video’s turn to be entitled to selections from the best of its catalog. Today, Amazon’s SVoD platform is better known for its series than for the films it offers. This does not prevent it from regularly enriching its catalog with excellent feature films, even if “original” productions are still quite rare.

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Each month, you can find here an updated selection of the best movies showing on Amazon Prime Video. If you have any questions or suggestions about Monthly Chosen Ones, please feel free to comment on this article or let us know on CNET’s social media.

In December, Minority Report de Steven Spielberg is CNET’s editorial choice. On the press side, it’s the animated film Your Name who wins, while the spectators still plebiscite Akira.

Before starting, a little methodological point:

  • In the following selection, two films are chosen in all subjectivity by the editorial staff. It is the platform’s best ever addition to the catalog and another landmark feature film available on Prime Video. Then, failing to base ourselves solely on our own feelings, we also used that of others to make our choice.
  • The other “winners” are therefore the program best rated by the specialized media, and the other the best rated by subscribers. The first is the average of the scores assigned by four reference titles (Télérama, Les Inrockuptibles, Large Screen, Le Blog du cinéma). If one or more of them did not evaluate the selected program, we refer to the rating of another direct competitor. The second takes up the process with user evaluations from five sites well known to serial fans (Allociné, Sens Critique, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Metacritic).

What are the best movies of the month on Amazon Prime Video (December 2021)?

1. The selection of CNET France

Minority Report: imperfect future


We are in the year 2054. The society of the future has succeeded in completely eradicating murder thanks to a system of prevention: three extra-lucid beings picking up the signs of coming violent homicides, and warning the authorities led by the head of the “Precrimes” John Anderton. But one day, the computer says it’s going to kill a complete stranger within 36 hours. Trapped by the system and become the target of his own troops, Anderton goes on the run and tries to prove his innocence.

Our opinion

Adapted from the eponymous short story by Philip K. Dick (The Master of the High Castle, Ubik, Blade Runner), Minority Report signs the first collaboration between superstar Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. The film, released in 2002, is quite simply one of the director’s most accomplished Jurassic Park and E.T., and one of the peaks of anticipatory cinema.

As in the original novel, the film deals with notions of free will and the morality of a society of control, to better refer to our human paradoxes. These themes are transcended by the incisive and inhabited production of Spielberg, who skilfully handles the ideas of temporality, memory and point of view to better build a constant tension that turns the mind of the spectator.

We quickly find ourselves in the head of a trapped Tom Cruise, without knowing just like him to differentiate what we are really looking at, from what we are allowed to see. A tour de force that combines a well-crafted scenario and a grandiose staging.

Minority Report stands out as one of the peaks of the genre of anticipation, with scenes already cult, such as those of spider robots or the chase on the highway. A summit also for Tom Cruise, the ideal receptacle for the anti-repression manifesto that is the film, released let us recall in the torn America of George W. Bush.

Undervalued in Steven Spielberg’s great career, Minority Report is nevertheless a huge film, and the guarantee of a breathtaking evening on the heels of its main actor. Not bad is not it ? Note that the film is also available on Netflix.

  • Watch the movie trailer:

2. The best feature film for critics

Your Name: a love in the skin


Mitsuha and Taki share a very strange relationship. They have never met, but are closer than you can imagine. In their respective dreams, each monopolizes the body of the other. Mitsuha enjoys Taki’s city life in Tokyo. The young man finds himself in the native mountains of his sidekick, without understanding what is happening to him. But what mysteries are hidden behind the strange symbiosis woven between these two beings that everything opposes, or almost?

CNET France’s opinion

“Kimi no Na wa“in its original version is a little gem. A film that we did not really expect, but which has won the hearts of millions of Western viewers. It is rare for an anime and few feature films can boast of ‘having had the resonance of Your Name in our regions. How to explain it? Visually already, it is very strong. The work of Makoto Shinkai is at the level of the most beautiful productions of studio Ghibli. It is modern, realistic and particularly beautiful. The colors are superb and do justice to the many landscapes highlighted.

Crowded Tokyo is as well portrayed as the lush green countryside of Gifu Prefecture. In short, it’s a technical treat, carried by an impressive variety of shots and a neat staging. But without its story and its duo of main characters, Your Name would only be a beautiful empty shell.

The relationship between Mitsuha and Taki is as beautiful as it is original. Like them, we don’t really understand what happens to them at the beginning. How can two completely opposed adolescents exchange body and conscience during their dreams? The phenomenon is not without creating funny situations, each one having to learn to live a life of which he does not know the codes.

It’s also poetic, touching, and sometimes sad. Your Name is a film that makes you feel a lot of emotions, that’s one of its strengths. The storyline is intelligent and the main protagonist duo very endearing. The story, sometimes a little agreed, still manages to surprise until the end.

Finally, we must absolutely salute the soundtrack. Japanese rock band Radwimps signed most of the songs in the anime. Catchy and varied, they perfectly accompany the plot and are almost, in themselves, a reason to see or see again. Your Name without waiting.

  • Here is a preview of this great feature film:

3. The best film according to the spectators

Akira: a reference in animation


1988: a gigantic explosion destroys Tokyo, plunging the world into World War III. 31 years later, the new megalopolis Neo Tokyo has regained its former prosperity. But in disadvantaged neighborhoods, the reality is less encouraging and dissidents are increasing the violence. One of them, Tetsuo, has a motorcycle accident and is captured by the Japanese military, and finds himself the subject of strange tests as part of a secret military project.

CNET France’s opinion

Directed by Katsuhiro Ōtomo, and adapted from his own eponymous manga, Akira was a real revolution when it was released in 1988, shaking up the small world of animation, and cinema in general.

It must be said that the film offers an unprecedented visual and sensory experience, with its aesthetic borrowing as much from its manga origins as from more Western inspirations, such as the films. Blade Runner Where Easy Rider, or the work of the French designer Mœbius.

Beyond this graphic slap, the animation is of unparalleled finesse and beauty, each sequence full of crazy and strong images imprinted on the mind of the viewer forever. A unique identity that has madeAkira a reference in its own right, and an inspiration for many, of video games Cyberpunk 2077 to the cinema of Steven Spielberg, through the series The Simpsons.

Its post-apocalyptic story, dark and ambitious, questions both the realities of current society and themes dear to anticipatory narratives, such as the morality of science, or the loss of our humanity for the benefit of technology.

Akira is an unparalleled experience, one that will not leave you indifferent, and one that the critics – and ourselves – absolutely recommend you.

  • Here’s a trailer for the movie:

Why trust us

Each series or film recommended in our articles has been previously viewed by the editorial staff. Our choices are made independently and based on our expertise, the overall impression left by the work and a few key points. The scenario, the realization, the acting or the dialogues are part of it, among others. They allow you to get a good idea of ​​the quality (or not) of the future blockbuster of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, OCS and others.

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