January 23, 2022

Amazon Prime Video: 2 fantastic movies and series to watch tonight

On this Tuesday in December, there’s nothing like sitting comfortably in front of Amazon Prime Video to enjoy an excellent program. Good movies and series are not what the SVoD streaming platform catalog lacks, and you would be wrong not to take advantage of them.

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Tonight, the editorial staff of CNET France advises you to see (or review) Le Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and the series Preacher.

What movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime Video tonight?

A fantasy masterpiece: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


The young Hobbit Frodo Baggins inherits a ring. This is the One Ring, an instrument of absolute power that would allow Sauron to reign over Middle-earth and enslave all its peoples … Unless the humble Hobbit and his faithful companions manage to take it to Mordor, where it was forged, and destroy it forever. A perilous journey marked by many dangers.

CNET France’s opinion

Just 20 years ago, the first part of the saga of Lord of the Rings came out on screens, and would change the face of cinema forever. The opportunity to review this great film, the foundation stone of an iconic fantasy trilogy. But two decades later, is The Fellowship of the Ring still so good?

Rest assured, great films are like great wines, they get better with age. Even if some special effects have naturally aged over time, the film has kept all its effectiveness and all its timeless charm. All this thanks to the quality of its adaptation, which manages to achieve the unrealizable: adapting novels and a universe of crazy density, and deriving a solid, coherent and balanced story that preserves the essence of the original material .

This first part brilliantly lays the stones of its universe, and the ins and outs of its complex intrigue. Less nervous and naturally more focused on his characters than on action sequences, The Fellowship of the Ring is not however stingy in strong and breathless scenes (like those of Mont Venteux and Moria in particular).

The director Peter Jackson brings his fan’s eye of the original work and the fantasy genre to sublimate each sequence, accurately oscillating between welcome simplicity and iconization, wonder and exaltation of a universe rich in symbols. He thus manages to extract all the fantastic essence of his story, to make a tale of a thousand tones and emotions.

The Fellowship of the Ring remains a safe bet and still a real delight to review 20 years after its release. The most difficult will perhaps be not to chain his two suites in stride …

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A hard-hitting and irreverent series: Preacher


The Reverend Jesse Custer, a clergyman from a small American town with a troubled past, sees his devotees leave and lets his faith die out. But he will soon have proof that God does exist when he finds himself possessed by Genesis, a divine entity that gives him the power to submit anyone to his Voice. With his burglar ex-companion, and Cassidy, a hundred-year-old Irish vampire, he will set off towards the impenetrable ways of the Lord.

CNET France’s opinion

Before the acclaimed The Boys, there was the series Preacher. Also adapted from comics by Garth Ennis, this show already signed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, should appeal to fans of the anti-superheroes of Vought International. It contains the ingredients that made the success of the superheroic program: gory violence, an irreverent and trashy tone, and a corrosive and barely concealed criticism of contemporary American society.

As the Reverend, the character of Jesse Custer, will cross the path of the dregs of humanity. The opportunity to explode a few kneecaps and a bunch of taboos, backward social conventions and inglorious facets of the United States, in a pleasurable debauchery of violence.

Voluntarily in excess and overbidding, the tone of the series may displease the most sensitive. But lovers of “trash” and irreverence will be in heaven. Especially since the quality of the writing and the staging is combined with a formidable cast. In addition to the impeccable Dominic Cooper (Jesse Custer), we find Ruth Negga (Loving, Ad Astraen Tulip O’Hare, l’ex de Custer, and Joseph GilgunMisfits) as the vampire Cassidy.

A necessarily explosive cocktail for a series that will not leave you indifferent, and whose 4 seasons and 43 episodes will liven up your evenings for a long time.

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