July 1, 2022

Actress Rosamund Pike begs fans for forgiveness for movie from the game

In hindsight, Rosamund Pike says she is embarrassed by the movie Doom adapted from the game.

Doom, it started very well and very badly at the same time. On the one hand, 60 million budget, a Dwayne Johnson who does not yet have the ego of Alain Delon and a hell of a horror action potential. On the other, the director of Romeo must die, the curse of video game adaptations and a storyline that just recalls Aliens in null (a team of marines goes to another planet after having received a distress signal).

The result ? Apart a first-person view plan already disclosed by the promotion, and a nasty The Rock that we regret very, very much against today’s Caregiver Golem, Doom is just another messed up adaptation, linking corridor shots and attacks in the dark with the same lack of intensity. And it’s not the broke turnip Doom : Annihilation 2019 which will do justice to what is yet the craziest, the most gory, the coolest saga in video games.

The boy-band of the underworld

Still little known to the general public at that time, Rosamund Pike had the right to endless role of damsel in distress. Fortunately, since then, the actress has been able to find many other beautiful shoes to her feet. She is currently headlining the new series of Heroic Fantasy from Amazon Prime Video, The Wheel of Time. During a promotional interview with Collider, the actress took the opportunity to express her remorse for Doom :

I feel partly responsible because I think both out of ignorance and innocence, I wasn’t aware of what Doom meant to fans of the game […] I was not a player, I did not understand. If I had known what I know now, I would have immersed myself and completely immersed in it like I do today. But I just didn’t understand.

Photo, Rosamund PikeWhen Rosamund discovered the final cut

I really feel embarrassed that I was so ignorant of what this game could mean, and I did not know how to search since the Internet was not the space of expression for the fans that it is today. I wouldn’t have known where to look for this information. Now i know it ! I have a lot of friends who are huge fans of the games and I would have liked know them at the time. “

Obviously, Rosamund Pike has big regrets and seems to have sought to drown his sorrows by slaying zombies in frenzied multiplayer games. We just propose to return Doom with Rosamund Pike all alone against hordes of hell demons on March. And The Rock, in the role of the devil to the limit.