May 22, 2022

a poetic trailer for Spielberg’s AI-style sci-fi film

science fiction movie After Yang, with Colin Farrell is revealed in a trailer all smooth and in androids.

Between Lamb, The Souvenir : Part II, Val and Red Rocket : the 2021 edition of the Cannes Film Festival has been invested by the production/distribution company A24. And among the films presented, he also Kogonada’s second feature film – director ColumbusAfter Yang, which was presented in the parallel selection Un certain regard.

bittersweet sci-fi movie, After Yang tells the story of a father, Jake, who will try to fix the android Yang, babysitter of his adopted daughter. Jake will then discover that Yang wondered more about the world around him than he thought. While the film will soon land in the United States – in theaters and on Showtime streaming – a first trailer has come to reveal the first images of the feature film.

This trailer immerses us in the ethereal atmosphere that the film deploys. We find there the posed camera of Kogonada, the haunting music of ASKA (Bruised), the muted light of Benjamin Loeb (Mandy and Pieces of a Woman), all accompanied by an elegant and minimalist artistic direction. If this sense of aesthetics is a pleasure for the eyes, it also brings a bit of a poseur aspect to the film, which is already reflected in the trailer.

Despite everything, nice moments of sweetness pass between the drops, and also leak out in these images. This tenderness is mainly due to the performance of the performers of the film. We find, among others, Colin Farrell in the role of Jake, Jodie Turner-Smith who plays his wife Kyra, their daughter Mika in the guise of Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja and Justin H. Min who is the famous Yang.

A very calm Colin Farrell

This trailer is, moreover, faithful to the film: a feature film whose Sundance label – and the staging gimmicks it suggests – must be overcome in order to finally find a lovely meditation on the beauty of the world. Let’s remember thatAfter Yang is the adaptation of the short story by Alexander Weinstein Saying Goodbye to Yang rewritten by Kogonada himself.

If the output ofAfter Yang is imminent in the United States, we will have to wait next June 22 to discover the film in French cinemas.