January 23, 2022

A Hobbit and a Jedi enter the Cinema Hall of Fame! – Cinema News

Olivier Pallaruelo

Cinema journalist / Video games editorial manager

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Each year, since 1989, the Library of Congress of the United States selects 25 films for entry into the prestigious catalog of the National Film Registry. Who are the elected officials for the 2021 vintage?

The country’s oldest federal cultural institution, the world’s largest library with tens of millions of books, records, photographs, maps, and manuscripts in its collections, the Library of Congress is an invaluable resource for scholars of the whole world. It also houses an impressive catalog of films, supplied each year by 25 additional entries in the National Film registry.

the National Film Registry (NFR) is a collection of American films selected since 1989 by the National Film Preservation Board for preservation at the Library of Congress. At the end of each year, around 25 titles are added which, on the one hand, dated “at least ten years old when they register” and who, on the other hand, present a “cultural, historical or aesthetic significance”. The entry in the register of a film implies for the organization the implementation of the means of its conservation and its preservation.

That being said, what’s new in the selection basket for the 2021 vintage? Very heavy, cinematically speaking, and above all eclectic. Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings makes a grand entrance! The Fellowship of the Ring neighbor with Alfred Hitchcock, who sees The Unknown of the North Express enter the register. John Waters and his trashy film Pink Flamingos is also selected, as well as Return of the Jedi. The very solid Privé by Robert Altman, worn by an impeccable Eliott Gould, also neighbors with the adorable Wall-E of the wizards of Pixar. But also make some room for … Freddy Krueger and the Nightclaws! It would have pleased Wes Craven to know that his legendary boogeyman is entering the Hall of Fame at the Library of Congress.

Here is the full list of films selected this year, in no particular order: