May 14, 2022

A crazy Revenge Night with BLOODY MILKSHAKE as the main course

Job by Marc Larcher January 19, 2022

Eight never-before-seen action movies including THE TRIP and ENRAGE to learn the art of revenge by doing as much damage as possible

Four women with their finger on the trigger

Double-lock your door and keep a blunt object nearby before starting the Revenge night on Canal +. In all, 8 new films including 2 first-run exclusives are scheduled from January 22. And revenge, the secret of the most spectacular action films, this time has the particularity of being largely the work of women. Credit where credit is due, we start with the bloody BLOODY MILKSHAKE (2021) by Navot Papushado which tells the story of Sam, a young female hitman, played by Karen Gillan, daughter of a hitman, who must save a child eight-year-old girl kidnapped by goons. For that, she will team up with three other badass mercenaries – ex-colleagues of her mother – played by Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh and Carla Gugino, who do not see her arrival so favorably… To get an idea of ​​the perfume of this milkshake, you have to imagine a drink containing a good shot of the JOHN WICK franchise with Keanu Reeves for his shootings, the last Guy Ritchie THE WRATH OF A MAN with Jason Statham for his violence, and a dose of KING’S MAN for the stunts and humor. In other words, there will be blood on the walls.

Noomi Rapace and Russell Crowe enraged

Another revenge in preparation, that of actress Noomi Rapace in THE TRIP (2021) by director Tommy Wirloka, already author of the resounding SEVEN SISTERS. This time his favorite actress has planned to spend a dream weekend in a chalet by a Norwegian lake in order to… kill her husband. Until she discovers that he too has planned to shoot her and that three prison escapees arrive and take them prisoner. If she manages to break away, the four guys will die… This time we find the dark humor of LOGAN LUCKY by Steven Soderbergh (2017), the Nordic madness of GOOD KISSES FROM BRUGES (2006). Like Dustin Hoffman in THE STRAW DOGS, Noomi Rapace will use every corner of the house where she is locked up with her enemies to annihilate them one by one. Of course, men also have their say and it is first of all Russell Crowe who takes care of it in ENRAGE by Derrick Borte (2020). Following a brief altercation on the road, the irascible driver will stalk and make life impossible for the young woman who had the misfortune to honk his horn at a red light. Furious and creepy, his character evokes Robert de Niro in NERVES A VIF by Martin Scorcese who harasses his lawyer or the more than borderline Michael Douglas in FREE FALL by Joel Schumacher.

When the forest helps to take revenge

The Revenge cycle still gives pride of place to little-known but sharp films like HUNTED by Vincent Paronnaud which tells how a young woman who has escaped killers manages to eliminate them by serving in the forest where she has taken refuge. We find the kind of revenge film linked to the environment launched by Charles Bronson in CHATO’S LAND (1972) where he got rid of his pursuers in the middle of the desert. Ditto with THOSE WHO WANT MY DEATH (2021) by the excellent screenwriter Taylor Sheridan in which Angelina Jolie uses the forest to put killers out of harm’s way after a child. Finally, perhaps the most gruesome and subtle revenge bounty goes to Elisabeth Moss in INVISIBLE MAN struggling with an abusive and toxic husband turned invisible. Once again, the most cruel is not always the one or the one we believe. In any case, each character in the films of the Revenge night finds, to the delight of the spectators, the resources to turn against those who have harmed them. And teaches us a good lesson along the way: “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you”. Unless they have already started…


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